Recharge your Batteries with a Wellness Holiday at a Yoga Retreat in Thailand

If you are a workaholic who loves your job with a passion, burnout is always a real risk; you aren’t a robot and we all need some time in a different environment when we can recharge our life batteries. What do we do when on holiday? Some love nothing more than laying by the side of a pool with their favourite drink, while others prefer an active experience like hiking, yet if you really want to recharge your batteries, book into a top wellness resort in Thailand.

Yoga Retreat in Thailand to recharge your batteries

Get to know yoga on a personal level

Yoga is an ancient eastern discipline that balances the body, mind and spirit; when you arrive at the resort, you will meet your mentor/instructor who will introduce you to the art of yoga, among other things. Learning to practice yoga is a life-changing thing, something you will carry with you wherever you may go, while you will also learn about meditation, which is a very powerful tool. The best yoga retreats employ the best teachers, people who are qualified to help you recharge in a luxurious environment, recharging your batteries so that you can return home and hit the ground running.

Personal counsellor

Every guest is assigned a personal counsellor, someone who gets into your head and helps you set goals and feel good about yourself. Topics of discussion would include:

    • Diet
    • Exercise
    • Yoga
    • Meditation

Buddhism plays a part in staying at a wellness resort and you are given a basic introduction into Buddhist philosophies and are encouraged to meditate with your counsellor.

Body massage

Where better than Thailand for healthy & soothing massage? This would be a daily activity that leaves you tingling and refreshed, ready for the coming day. Indian head massage is an amazing experience and traditional Thai massage is always available. Click to find out how to get cheap flights.

Learning more about yourself

One of the goals is to help the guest discover things about themself, which is very empowering; it isn’t only about the activities on the course, it is also about education and you will come away feeling empowered and more in control of your life. Many people book a second stay in order to learn more; you could start your Thai holiday with a short stay at a yoga retreat, then have another one at the end, just before you fly home.

Range of packages

A wellness holiday in Thailand could be 3,5 or 7days, the perfect way to start a one-month stay in this amazing land. You might prefer to book in at the beginning of your holiday or perhaps after a few weeks, so you can reap the benefits prior to returning home. Start by searching online for top-rated wellness yoga retreats in Phuket and learn more about each package and when you are ready, make your booking and get ready for an awesome experience.

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