7 Strategies To Reduce Brain Fog & Increase Mental Clarity

Brain fog is associated with forgetfulness, confusion and an overall lack of mental clarity. It can be frightening and stressful to experience bouts of brain fog and can reduce a healthy quality of life. Combating the issue doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. There are many ways to begin regaining your mental clarity and getting rid of brain fog once and for all. Follow these 7 strategies to see improvement.

1 Don’t Drink

Drinking alcohol inhibits a perons’ ability to focus. The power it holds over our mental clarity can be a dangerous aspect of enjoying a carefree drink. If you want to start somewhere then start here. Although an occasional wine and dine is harmless, it’s no secret that regularly drinking alcohol can cost you your mental clarity and drastically increase the chances of brain fog. Not to mention, drinking alcohol reduces our responsible thinking and can endanger others if we make poor choices. Alcohol should be consumed in very strict moderation if you want to reduce brain fog and increase your mental clarity.

2 Exercise

Getting your body moving. Physical fitness is the key that opens the door to many of the other strategies in this list. Exercising helps us reduce stress, focus less on drinking, gives us confidence, and creates a healthy determination. All of these factors combined can wipe out future chances of brain fog interfering with our day to day. Something as simple as a 15 minute walk each night is a great place to start. Exercise helps clear our mind and increase mental clarity and awareness. There is something calming about taking a walk and because of its proclivity to soothe our brains, it’s a hobby worth taking up.

 3 Try C60

Carbon 60 or “C60 ” for short, is a naturally occurring molecule that has 60 tiny atoms attached in the shape of a sphere. It is a powerhouse antioxidant outperforming its counterparts by lightyears as it is able to neutralize free radicals more than just one at a time and has the power to rest itself. C60 products are available from organic oils, gummies, and even carbon 60 products for your pets. These high quality products use only the best and simplest ingredients that give you the benefits of C60 in order to aid your body and in turn reduce brain fog and increase mental clarity. Browse the C60 websites to see a full list of C60 products like c60 for skin from shopC60.com

 4 Proper Sleep

One of the best strategies for reducing brain fog and increasing mental clarity is to get enough sleep. It sounds simple enough but in life we all know sleep isn’t so easy to come by especially if you’re always working or you become a parent. But getting proper sleep is essential in maintaining mental clarity and reducing brain fog. Try getting at least 8 hours of solid sleep a night and you’re bound to see changes. Sleep helps our system reset and regulate itself. Avoid stimulating activities before bed like exercise, watching tv, and browsing on the phone. Wind down by reading a book, praying and meditating, or simply hang out with family. These calm activities alone can help reduce brain fog and prepare you for a good night of rest.

5 Eat Right

There’s nothing worse than sugar for bouts of brain fog. Sugar is the enemy of mental clarity, and although all things are good in proper moderation, sugar should be a very limited part of our diets. Cut out sugar and you’ll cut out brain fog and regain the mental clarity you’ve been searching for.

 6 Take a Tech Break

Living on social media and the latest news updates will do nothing to improve your mental clarity and in fact can do even more harm. Many people find themselves stressed, jealous, and worried when they compare their lives on social media and hear the latest depressing news. The bright screen lights from our phones alone are enough to cause a headache and increase brain fog. If you want to increase mental clarity and reduce brain fog then it’s time to take a break from technology.

7 Stress Less

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to remember not to stress out. Stress causes increased brain fog and reduces mental clarity. Defend yourself against stress by participating in calming activities, surrounding yourself daily with supportive family and friends, and setting goals long and short term.

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