What You Need To Know Before Filming in a Hotel

Communicating can resolve misunderstandings and help people build trust. People use written, visual, verbal, and nonverbal communication to share information. While nonverbal communication may be subconscious, written and verbal communication is deliberate.

Video footage is one of the most powerful communication mediums available because it can incorporate all four communication methods. Today, people use film footage to produce event videos, training videos, corporate videos, and music videos. Suppose you work for a video production company or want to create a short film. You may want to film scenes in specific venues related to your film’s content. Let’s look at some crucial things you should know before filming in a hotel.

Clarify the video type and the client’s wishes

Before Filming in a Hotel


Video production experts handle pre-production, production, and post-production tasks. Las Vegas video production experts develop the video’s message with clients and create a film script. They identify suitable locations where they can film footage for each scene. Suppose you’re creating a training video for bartenders and want footage of a hotel bartender making a cocktail. Your production team will identify potential film sites and ensure those sites meet your expectations.

Your team will set up film equipment and capture footage during the production phase. Post-production involves editing film footage.

Get permission

Before Filming in a Hotel


You’ll need permission from the property owner and any permits required before you can film on location. Since hotels are public venues, it can be challenging to control who’s in specific shots. You’ll need to work closely with hotel staff to ensure you secure consent from any hotel guests captured in your footage. You may also need to rent facilities to secure exclusive access to specific sites. For example, if you want to film scenes in a hotel room, you’ll need to rent the hotel room. You may also rent other hotel facilities, such as private cabanas.

Secure appropriate resources

Before Filming in a Hotel


Suppose you’re working on a music video and have a scene featuring a rooftop pool. A hotel may provide the setting you need for that scene. Alternatively, you could be creating a film featuring hotels with cool pools. You may plan to film in vanishing pools with poolside bars. Your list of cool pools could include an infinity pool in a wildlife park, a rooftop infinity pool, or a wave pool. You may also plan to film in outdoor and indoor pools.

If you plan to film people enjoying the pool, you’ll need to hire actors. Filming citizens requires consent forms, and you may run into complications if someone captured in your footage won’t consent. Working with actors also ensures you control their conduct, enabling you to get optimal footage for your video.

Ensure you have lifeguards present while filming. Lifeguards have strong swimming skills and life-saving skills. Lifeguards typically have First Aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training. They’re qualified to provide immediate assistance if a swimmer’s in distress.

Identify environmental factors that could impact your film schedule

 in a Hotel


You may need specific environmental conditions for some scenes, influencing your filming locations and schedule. Suppose you need to shoot hotel room scenes at sunset and want to show views of the sunset from the room. Ensure you book a room with windows facing west that aren’t obscured by other buildings.

Suppose you’ve booked a penthouse suite with tall windows facing west, but you may not be able to get the footage you want if it’s raining. Poor weather could also hamper your ability to film scenes in an outdoor pool. Identify environmental requirements for each scene, and if possible, check the weather forecast before creating your film schedule. Have a contingency plan to ensure you can get the footage you need when the weather’s cooperating.

Hotels can be ideal film locations for different types of videos, including training and music videos. Scout locations to identify suitable film sites and secure permits and permission to film at a hotel.

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