Best Ways To Create Videos From Photos In No Time

How do you share many photos with friends and family? Clubbing all photos together into a video would be the best idea. It would be like creating collages and preserving the pictures. How to do it? Will it change the resolution of pictures in the resultant video? Though there are plenty of video editing applications to convert photos to videos and create memorable memories.

But it is important to choose the right application that would help in the conversion process. Not all assure adhering to the correct quality of the photos after conversion, and therefore, it is better to choose the latest option that is a feature-packed one.

Ways To Create Videos From Photos

Creating Videos From Pictures on Google Photos

If you want to create videos from photos, one of the simple ways is on Google photos. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, and computers. Besides, you can add background music to the video created and give it a professional touch.

For Computer Users

    • One has to visit google photos and sign into the account
    • Select the assistance and then the movie option
    • Now, you have to select a movie theme as per the pictures and get started
    • Here, select the photos and then click on the done option

The Android phone users can use the same options on the computer and click the theme of their choice. After creating the video, they can play to watch it and give it a title to search it on the device.

iPhone User

For the iPhone and iPad user, first, you have to open the application, sign in to a google account, select the assistant option and click on the movie option. Now, you have to select the photo to convert to video and create a movie like a file. You can save the file on your device for future use.

How Can Windows Users Convert Pictures To A Video File?

Ways To Create Videos From Photos

1 Windows Movie Maker

It is like a photo slideshow maker that helps create videos from photos in quick time. Windows movie maker is a suitable option for Windows users. It is a free and intuitive tool for creating videos from pictures. This is the perfect one for use by beginners.

    • Add photos from the storyboard and add texts, filters, and transitions required to the video file
    • Now, the video is ready; you can share it on different platforms with other users

The simple steps would help you convert from pictures to videos on a Windows device and give a professional touch to the final file.

2 MiniTool Movie Maker

It is another excellent option for Windows users and a simple option to convert pictures to videos. Some simple steps for the same are illustrated in the following part.

Import the photos

    1. First, you have to install the application and launch it.
    2. Now, click on ‘full feature mode’ to enter the tool. Here, you can choose the template of your choice and then import the required photos.
    3. Click on ‘import media files to import the photos and add on storyboard and give transition and other themes to the video.
    4. Here, you can also add text to photos and subtitles as required and give it a special touch.
    5. Change the color font, style, and background that would go perfectly with the final video.
    6. Before creating the slideshow, it is important to add music to the video and choose a relevant one.

What Are the Things to Keep in Mind to Create a Video on InVideo?

Ways To Create Videos From Photos

1 Choose Correct Pictures

It is important to pick the right set of pictures that you want to include to create a video file. For this, the easy-to-use options on InVideo make it a simple process and don’t require any prior technical knowledge to handle it. If you have an idea of how the final video should look, try to choose the pictures accordingly.

2 Edit the Photos

This is a crucial part before finally adding the pictures to create videos. Adding videos to the content also helps in learning about the product faster and it is much easier. Try to keep the purpose of the video in mind and edit it as per requirement. This is where video editors can help to give the much-required professional touch to individual pictures and the video. The pictures should look uniform once added to the video and make a story as a whole.

3 Determine Video Type

If you can determine the type of video, it would be easy to choose the layout and create it as per requirement. Edit the pictures to boost the exposure of the final video, and be careful about the channels where you wish to post the video. It can be a slow-motion, time-lapse, promotional, and another type of video. Depending on this, you have to choose the picture so that it can give the required effect on the final video.

4 Finding the Right Theme

The right theme or tune would give the final professional layout and touch to the video created from pictures. It should depend on the theme and purpose of creating the video. Lack of correct background and audio will make the video lose those extra points. So, be careful when using the video creation tool and using the correct theme and layout for it.

Create The Best Memories Using Pictures In Videos

Creating videos with single pictures would give you the option to choose individual memories of your choice. Selecting the pictures, putting them together, and adding relevant background music is simple to preserve the memories together in the form of a video file. Try to choose the latest tool that makes the conversion an easy-going one.

By following some simple steps, you can create videos from pictures and save them for future use. Try to choose the best photo app to create the best memories and pick the right pictures to add. It just takes a few minutes to create the video with photos from your collection. It requires choosing the right platform that makes video creation an easy thing. It is how you can give the best shape to your memories and preserve them.

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