Tips for Beautiful Summer Photos

Are you trying to capture all of the best moments this summer? The perfect weather makes this season a time for outdoor fun, vacations, and quality time with friends and family. If you want your summer photos to be truly great, you may benefit from a few tips. Whether you’re taking candids or planning a dedicated photoshoot, here’s how to get beautiful summer photos. 

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Cloudy Days Have Their Benefits

You may be inclined to take your photos only on sunny days or to plan a photoshoot for the sunniest day in the forecast. However, bright sunlight is not always the best lighting for outdoor photos. The sun can cause glares, make people squint, and even make colors appear duller when backlit. Consider taking photos on cloudy days and see what amazing differences there are, how colors pop against a softer light, and how children’s faces glow. 

Use Sun and Shade to Your Advantage

If you take photos on a sunny day, make use of shade when possible. Images that are partly in the sun with shade playing over the people and scenery can make beautiful photos. Beach, pool, and natural water scenes can be great opportunities to catch the sun reflecting off the water. If you’re attempting to take family portraits, position people so that they aren’t staring into the sun and squinting, but make sure no one’s face is too shaded to be seen. Using fill flash can help to reduce shadows.

Color Coordination

When it comes to planned portraits, have everyone’s clothing color-coordinated so that the colors complement each other. You don’t necessarily want everyone in the same color, just similar colors with minimal patterns and avoid logos. Consider a simple color when it comes to backgrounds and props that you may use. Position people in front of backgrounds that allow them to stand out rather than blend in.  

Combine Landscapes and People

Landscape photography is a very different ballgame than portrait photography. But if you’re trying to capture landscapes for a memorable experience, consider combining landscapes with people for perspective and meaning. They can sometimes look empty and disconnected without any live subjects, and if your ultimate goal is to have memories of your experiences as a family or with friends, you’ll enjoy looking back at pictures with people in them more than just scenery. 

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Take Advantage of Sunrises and Sunsets

Some of the best times of the day to take photos are at sunrise and sunset. The softer light during these times is considered to be the best lighting for photos. Aim for within an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. Be careful about the positioning of the sun in relation to the subjects, as the direction of the light will make a great difference. The sun coming in from the side or behind the subjects in the photo could make it a huge success or an epic failure. 

Hire a Professional Photographer

If you want quality summer portraits, your best bet is to hire a professional photographer. Professionals know how to make the most of the sunlight or lack thereof, how to coordinate colors and choose the best backgrounds, and how to make sure your photoshoot results in wonderful memories you’ll cherish for years to come. 

About Dani Weiss 

Dani Weiss is a professional photographer in Atlanta, Georgia. Her photography services include portraits (corporate headshots, family, engagement, pregnancy, etc.) and events like weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs. Dani has a special knack for capturing the true essence of people so that it can be seen immediately in their photos. From children to adults, she has a way of putting people at ease so their true self can shine through. 

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