Have Electric Motorbikes Increased in Popularity

You often hear about how electric cars are growing in popularity and they are certainly more common on UK roads these days, but what about electric motorbikes? Motorcycles only make up a small percentage of vehicles on the roads, so it is much harder to tell whether or not people have been making the switch and going electric.

electric motorbike

Becoming More Viable

While uptake has not been as noticeable as electric cars, you will find that electric motorbikes are becoming more common. This is because they have become more viable in recent years thanks to improved speeds, battery technology and charge-ability. These days, issues like range anxiety are much smaller because the latest models are capable of covering much greater distances on one charge and the charging infrastructure is improving (although there is still a long way to go).

Countries to Embrace Electric Bikes

So, where are the places around the world that will be the first to fully embrace the electric motorbike revolution? Interestingly, it is less developed countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia that are likely to embrace electric motorbikes where there is already an enormous motorcycle market. Motorcycles are not as “essential” in more developed countries and are instead seen as a luxury vehicle, so places like the UK, France and Italy (where there is a larger market) will be behind.

COVID Impact

The post-pandemic world could bring the electric motorbike revolution closer with an expected rise in urban mobility. People require cars much less with so many people working remotely and getting their food shopping delivered, so electric motorbikes could become a popular option for an easy and affordable way for people to get around.

 New Models

In addition to this, there are a handful of excellent electric motorbikes set for release that will encourage more people to make the switch. This includes electric motorcycles such as:

    • Harley-Davidson LiveWire
    • Zero S
    • Cake Kalk INK
    • Zero SR/S
    • Energica Eva Ribelle
    • Cezeta 506/02

There are lots of excellent electric motorbikes to choose from that will provide a thrilling experience and fit in with your lifestyle. When you make the switch, it is vital that you find a suitable motorbike insurance policy to protect your investment and for peace of mind while enjoying the thrill of two wheels.

The electric motorbike revolution is gradually building pace and many could make the switch moving out of COVID-19. The technology, infrastructure and variety of bikes are always improving and people are now taking action to reduce their environmental impact, so now is a great time to make the switch.

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