5 Types of Men’s Bags for the Modern Guy

Jesus once said that man could not live by bread alone. If he walked the earth today, he would agree that it is best to have food so and put it in a mens bag. Even in ancient times, the man of the house always had a sack to put all his food in. So no matter how big or small your bags are, pouches or backpacks will still serve their purpose as a means to store items.

men s bag


There are a lot of man-bags everywhere, whether you search in a physical store or the internet. You can choose from a wide variety in terms of form, function, style, and design. You can even see a men’s bag that looks the same with different sizes. But all bags have one purpose: to keep your hands free while bringing your necessities wherever you go. So what type of bag-wear suits you best? Five bags top the list.


The backpack is often associated with hiking, travel, adventure, and freedom. It should be durable and waterproof to protect its contents. Look for men’s leather bags with adjustable straps and a contoured or paded back for comfort. Customization of backpacks is also great for any of the purposes mentioned. It doesn’t have to be your name but anything that would distinguish yours from the others. Check out US Imprints to learn more about custom backpacks.

Laptop Bags

Your phone and wallet are not the only things that need protection. A laptop and any other electronic or plug-in device that goes with it are sensitive to the slightest bumps. Unless you plan to buy a new lappie every time you go out, your high tech equipment needs additional safeguards. A sturdy, heavily padded laptop bag will guarantee that your laptop gets from your car to desk in one piece.

Duffel or Gym Bags

Like the backpack, the duffel bag is also heavy-duty and spacious. It has a cylindrical shape that is perfect for bulky gear storage. Some guys even use the duffel as a gym bag as well. It is easier to open as it has side zippers for easy stashing. It is also flexible and easy to squish in an aeroplane’s overhead compartment or under a seat.

Crossbody and Messenger Bags

This bag lives by the motto “one for all and all for one.” A crossbody bag is the perfect everyday bag for the on-the-go guy. A messenger bag is like a crossbody, except bigger. You can put your everyday necessities in this bag – keys, wallet, phone, even a book. Again, this will let you go hands-free while you attend to every errand that needs doing with two hands. All you need to consider is if all your everyday things fit, then you are good to go.

Waist bags (Also Known as Belt Bags or Street Bags)

Call it whatever you want – a belt bag, street bag, or a fanny pack – but a waist bag is the best compartment for all your small gadgets. It is versatile since you can wear it in a variety of ways. You can wear it on your waist, sling it over a shoulder, or strap it on your chest. It exudes a personality that may or may not be you – outdoorsy, adventurous, and fun.

There is a bag for any guy. Do not be a Joey Tribbiani who asked for Rachel’s counsel on the bag he needed for a role. You need to know what suits you best with a little knowledge and your feel of things.

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