Easiest Animal To Hunt

Hunting could be challenging because it involves a lot of rigors. You have to be on sight and shoot accurately when the need be to hunt the perfect game. Nonetheless, some animals are easier to hunt than some other animals. As a result, this content provides the options of the easiest animals to hunt and how to go about that.

Easiest Animal To Hunt

Fig. 1 – A group of hunters hunting a pheasant

Easy hunting games

Are you a beginner and you are just beginning to hunt games? Well, you may need to begin with some games, and with time, you can take your hunting target a step further.

1 Doves

Doves are the first animals that come to any hunter’s head because you would easily find them around. Also, you may need to stay out of sight or disguise to have a similar color with the surrounding. These decoys help to make the hunting process easier.

You would find them around farms or you can lure them with grains and hide somewhere close. Once they are already feeding, they are carried away. At this point, you can aim at them with your rifle or the best hunting crossbow.

More so, it is better to know if there are no restrictions about hunting doves in your community.

2 Squirrels

A professional hunter will not go for squirrels but since you are a beginner, you can opt for them. Squirrels will help you to locate small targets, aim properly, and be able to hit. It is not ideal to hunt squirrels in your neighborhood using a rifle. You may have to go into the woods.

Still, you can hunt squirrels in your backyard using the right tools. You can get rifles that fire BBs or pellets. These are not destructive but they will kill the animal. Nevertheless, be careful not to hit a person, car, a part of the home with it.

Training as such will help to learn marksmanship without even using lethal ammunition.

3 Pheasants

Just like doves, pheasants are birds too. They are not only easy to hunt but they taste delicious too. However, they are not waterfowl, and hunting them is different from hunting a duck. A good place or field with grasses is the perfect hunting site for them.

Ensure you do not produce noise at any bit of it because spookiness will make the birds flee away. Also, it is advisable that you hunt pheasants as a group of hunters. But there is a rule – only aim and shoot when the pheasant takes flight.

Fig. 1 – A group of hunters hunting a pheasant

4 Raccoons

Raccoons have always been one of the most hunted games since forever. People hunt them because of how disturbing and destructive they could be. You can even take your dog along while hunting a raccoon. Just ensure that your weapon is of small caliber so as not to destroy the pelt.


In hunting and life at large, you must learn to be patient with yourself. Even professionals have bad days despite being on their best hunting pants. So, take it one step after the next as you progress in your hunting journey. Happy hunting.

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