Exploring the Rich History of Vintage Coca Cola Collectibles

Coca Cola holds a place as one of the renowned and easily recognizable brands worldwide. Among all other signages in the market, recalling the Coca Cola signage is the easiest. With a legacy spanning over 130 years, its products have always been cherished by collectors. People from all corners of the globe belonging to different age groups have developed an affection for Coca Cola, and its vintage collectibles are in demand among collectors even today.

The origins of Coca Cola items can be traced back to the 1890s when Hilda Clark, a model and actress, starred in a series of advertising posters endorsing Coca Cola. These posters quickly gained popularity. Became sought-after pieces for collectors. Initially, these posters were hand-painted lithographs. As time went on, the company adopted offset printing techniques to ensure their longevity.

In this blog, we will recall and explore the rich heritage of vintage Coca Cola collectibles.

vintage coca cola collectibles

During the 1900s Coca Cola expanded its range of collectibles by introducing serving trays, bottle openers, and wall calendars. These items were distributed globally to Coca Cola bottling companies and licensed distributors as materials for the brand. The trays often featured women enjoying their Coca Cola while wall calendars showcased vibrant illustrations that became prized possessions among collectors. This was one of the first vintage Coca Cola collectibles introduced by the brand.

Moving into the 1920s Coca Cola ventured into producing die-cast toy trucks and cars—a collection that garnered interest among enthusiasts. These collectibles showcased delivery trucks and vehicles associated with Coca Cola.

The Buddy L Toy Company produced its die-cast truck in 1929 featuring the Coca Cola logo. This toy quickly gained popularity and became a highly sought-after item during that time.

During the 1930s Coca Cola vending machines were introduced, and this became quite popular among collectors. These vending machines were designed to dispense Coca Cola bottles and had colors along with the iconic Coca Cola logo. They were crafted using materials like porcelain, glass, and metal. Today, collectors highly value the versions of these machines.

In the 1940s Coca Cola introduced coolers that gained popularity among retailers and collectors. Made of metal, these coolers were designed to keep Coca Cola bottles cold. They were often sold to stores and soda fountains while prominently displaying the Coca Cola logo. Nowadays, collectors often restore these coolers and use them as pieces in their homes.

The 1950s witnessed a rise in items like Coca Cola signs that are highly sought after today. These signs were crafted from materials such as tin, cardboard, or porcelain. The porcelain signs are especially valued for their durability over time. Featuring prominently displayed Coca Cola logos and catchy advertising slogans like “Thirst Knows No Season,” they hold a place in collectors’ hearts.

During the 1960s and 1970s Coca Cola started making items that people wanted to collect. These included signs that lit up clocks and thermometers. The purpose of these items was to promote the Coca Cola brand. They were made using materials like plastic and metal. Among these collectibles, the lighted signs were especially popular because they had colors and prominently displayed the Coca Cola logo.

Today Coca Cola keeps making collectibles that are highly valued by collectors around the world. These collectibles range from coasters for drinks to clothing items. You can even find retro-style glass bottles for sale. Over time Coca Cola has become one of the brands globally and has managed to touch countless lives.


In conclusion, Coca Cola’s history of producing collectibles spans over a century. They have created a range of sought-after items, like advertising posters, diecast trucks, and porcelain signs. These collectibles not only showcase the brand’s history but also provide a glimpse into the evolution of advertising and popular culture throughout time. Nowadays Coca Cola continues to manufacture collectibles that hold value among collectors worldwide.

Coca Cola has established itself as a timeless and renowned brand with its collectibles captivating and intriguing collectors globally.

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