4 Luxury Spends That Are Worth Every Penny

We all love a bit of luxury in our lives but what exactly counts as “luxury”?

Well, luxury items are things that we don’t really need — items that aren’t completely necessary to survive, but that do provide us with a certain extra quality of life and additional comfort.

While you’re deciding what to spend your hard-earned cash on, your mind might not immediately jump to luxury items — especially if you perceive them as frivolous or excessive.

However, there are some luxury spends that are genuinely worth every penny: items or spends that will make a big difference to your life and overall happiness.

In the post below, we’ll be looking at four such luxury spends that we think are worth every penny. Read on to see if you agree with our spending choices below:

Luxury Spends That Are Worth Every Penny

1. The House of Your Dreams

Buying a house you truly love is a luxury spend that is worth every single penny.

We get that buying a house isn’t the easiest or cheapest thing to do these days, but it’s worth spending that little bit more to give something that you really love and can see yourself living in for at least a chunk of your future.

The beauty of buying your dream home is that it’s completely your own. You get to design your interior, furnishing it how you want according to your tastes and needs. Want space for your dogs to run around in? Get a big house in the countryside with lots of land. Want to minimize your impact on the planet? You can stick to earth-friendly home decor.

There are plenty of ways that you can save up extra money for buying a house — this article by EveryDollar has some great tips — as well as being thrifty by using a mortgage broker — there’s Breezeful and others who can help you compare mortgage lenders and negotiate the best prices so that you can save money.

However you do it, buying your dream home is a luxury spend that is well worth every penny.

2. Travel & Vacations

Another luxury spend that is worth every single penny is travel.

None of us technically need to travel and go on vacations — you can have a perfectly acceptable life just staying right where you are — but the way that travel enriches your life is second to none.

Traveling to different countries lets you meet people and make new friends with completely different lifestyles and cultures. You get to immerse yourself in these new cultures — trying the incredible cuisine of the region you’re visiting and embracing the way of life.

And along the way, you’ll take in some awe-inspiring landscapes and landmarks: beautiful, sun-soaked beaches, rugged and imposing mountains, chaotic cities and humid, vibrant rainforests. Jumping into a completely new environment — something so different from where you live back at home — will open your eyes to just how beautiful our planet really is.

Not only that, but travel is great for your wellbeing and mental health — helping to reduce stress, building your confidence, and making you more comfortable in your own company.

So make time for your travels — whether it’s four-day trips or long backpacking adventures, travel is a luxury that is worth every penny. Need some inspiration? Head to Lonely Planet to fill up on destination ideas.

3. The Best Technology

Great technology — we’re talking things like the latest iPhone, laptops, TVs, wireless headphones, whatever — is by no means a necessity, even in this modern, technology-centric life.

In all honesty, you could probably get by on the bare minimum, using cheap phones to keep in touch with people, and practical computers for your work. But why would you want to if you could spend a bit more money and get the best product on the market?

In our experience, the best technology and most expensive products are priced that way for a reason: their user experience is second to none, they last for a long time, and they’re generally worth their weight in gold.

So whether you want a high-quality digital camera with amazing image resolution for your job or just messing around, or you want wireless earbuds that are sweat-resistant for your jogging, it’s worth splashing out.

4. Quality clothes

You will have heard the saying “buy cheap, buy twice.” Well, it’s totally true — and it’s something that many of us learn the hard way.

We’ve all been there; you’ve been wandering through a clothes store or shopping mall and a sales rail has caught your eye. Amazed by the value, you buy four t-shirts for $10 and you come away happy with your thrifty purchase.

But as soon as you wash those tees, you notice that the color fades and they go out of shape — they’re basically ruined after one wear (and they didn’t even look amazing the first time you wore them). It’s a tale as old as time.

Investing in high-quality, expensive clothes is a luxury, but it’s definitely one that’s worth every penny. Good-quality clothes are made better — using long-lasting, quality fabrics, better stitching, and more care.

And if you buy more expensive clothes from reputable fashion brands, you’re less likely to be participating in the “fast fashion” industry — paying children and women in factories next to nothing to make your clothes and destroying our planet from an environmental perspective too. Not sure which brands are responsible and sustainable? Head to this handy article from Marie Claire to get started.

Sometimes, luxury spends can seem excessive and unnecessary — a frivolous waste of money that seems more like splashing your cash than anything meaningful.

But sometimes, those luxury spends are worth every penny; they’ll make a big difference to your quality of life and your overall happiness.

So if you’re not sure if something is worth spending your hard-earned dollars on, ask yourself: “is it going to add value to my life?” If it’s a yes, then what are you waiting for?

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