Kitchen Decor Tips & Tricks

When decorating the house, we sometimes tend to focus much on bigger rooms like bedrooms and living rooms, and we forget about the most important part of the house — the kitchen. In fact, our kitchen is the busiest and most dynamic space in the house. We prepare foods, store utensils, and sometimes do other dining-related activities there. For some families, a larger kitchen might often be a place where family members gather and have real conversations.

A space as vital as your kitchen deserves to be properly decorated. Nice decor in the kitchen will elevate the space and liven up the good vibes around it. To decorate your kitchen, you can completely redesign your kitchen or repurpose some other decor elements you might already have, like linen tablecloths and unused bottles. If you seek inspiration to add a bit of flair to your kitchen, here are some kitchen decor tips & tricks to enhance the most important space in your house.

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Island or No Island?

First thing first. Always plan out your kitchen route before you start decorating your kitchen. Map out where the activity areas are and how you mobilize around the kitchen. Then, establish the traffic around the area. When you have done all of them, you are ready to decide whether you need an island or not.

If you have a tiny kitchen, you may find out that your mobility and activity are limited; therefore, you might not be able to have a full island. If that’s the case, add a small or medium table to your kitchen as a replacement for the island. You can also use it for prep and, even, dining. When you have done the preparation and cleaned everything else, take a full linen tablecloth and wrap it on the table to make it a functional dining table.

Shelves or Cabinets?

Storage is the heart of your kitchen. Without storage, your kitchen will look much disorganized without space for literally anything. However, having enough storage is not your only goal in decorating the kitchen. Your storage must also complement your decorative style.

Cabinets, especially upper ones, are good for larger kitchens. Try cabinets with matching style and earthy or muted colors to make use of the large space you have. If you have a smaller kitchen, upper cabinets will make it look cramped. Try to replace them with shelves that will help open up space and add an illusion of light.

Let There be Light

A clean, well-lighted kitchen should be your goal. A well-lighted kitchen isn’t always soaked with lights all the time. You need to consider your activities in the kitchen before setting up the lighting.

If you use the kitchen exclusively for meal preparation, you need to focus the light on the prep area. If you opt for natural light, make sure your window faces the prep area directly; however, you need to have additional lighting as well. If the kitchen is also a place for dining and socializing, try having ambient lighting with dimmable mode just above the dining area.

Add Colors or Patterns

Color combinations will elevate your kitchen decor even more. For your kitchen, you can combine the colors of the wall, cabinets, and kitchen tops. You can also add textures of kitchen surfaces to the equation.

To start choosing the right colors, you need to consider a few things. If your kitchen has only limited natural light, you can opt for light colors because they reflect lights. On the other hand, you may choose darker colors if your kitchen is soaked with natural lights. To add more character, you can add patterns in the non-prep area. As for the kitchen surface and countertops, you can use marble or wood to add an extra warm atmosphere to your area and create a stunning look with durability.

Final Say

Decorating your kitchen takes a lot of preparation and consideration. However, you will find it more interesting if you have figured out your goals when decorating the kitchen. Make sure your kitchen decor fulfills both the aesthetic and functional purpose of the kitchen. Some other useful tips to elevate your kitchen is by creating a welcoming atmosphere. That includes maintaining your kitchen hygiene, creating your flow around like the sink placements, as well as getting rid of cooking smells. Those kitchen decor tips and tricks above are compiled to balance both sides for your convenience.

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