How To Deal With The Holiday Season Insomnia

The holiday season brings joys and festivities, but you cannot overlook the stress that comes in tow. Endless to-do lists, party planning, and late nights can make you anxious. This year has an extra dose of stress because the virus is still here. When anxiety is intense, you are likely to lose sleep. But the last thing you should do to handle sleep deprivation is switch to medication. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with the holiday season insomnia without being dependent on sleeping pills. You can pick some natural measures to rest better and be happier throughout the festivities. Here are the ones that work.

holiday season insomnia

Watch what you eat

Holiday indulgences with sugar, fats, and processed foods can wreak havoc on your health. Surprisingly, they can take a toll on your sleep too. You feel heavy and bloated, and it can make you restless and uneasy throughout the night. Avoid overeating and skip heavy meals in the evening. Steer clear of caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco as well. It is also crucial to follow a regular exercise schedule to stay fit and sleep better.

Clean up your sleep-wake cycle

A clean and consistent sleep-wake cycle gives you a head start. Make sure you have it in place even before the holiday season begins. It is easy to give up on your regular bedtime amid late-night shopping, party planning, and wrapping presents. But you can reset your schedule and find extra time to do these tasks during the day. It requires conscious effort to hit the bed on time every night, but you must do it.

Practice a pre-bed ritual

Dealing with holiday insomnia is easy if you practice a pre-bed ritual. Pick anything that helps, whether a hot bath, a meditation session, or a cup of green tea. You can go the extra mile by trying cannabis for better sleep. It is safe, natural, and legal, and you can go ahead without apprehension. Try garlic breath strain because it works by relaxing you for a deeper slumber. A pre-bed ritual prepares your body and mind for sleep, and you will feel the difference.

Check your mattress

If something other than stress and late nights is causing insomnia, it may be your mattress. Check it before the winter sets in, and gift yourself a new mattress if it needs a change. Bumps, lumps, and valleys indicate you must invest in a replacement. Alternatively, a change is essential after every seven years. Also, make sure that your bedroom temperature is optimal to keep you warm and relaxed.

holiday season insomnia

Avoid screens at night

You may want to check social media to know what your friend and colleagues are doing for the holidays. Alternatively, you may need to check your emails and messages at the end of the day. But using your phone at night can aggravate holiday insomnia and keep you awake and restless night after night. As a rule, you must ditch screens well before bedtime, no matter how tempting they seem.

Holiday season insomnia is real, and countless people struggle with it. However, it isn’t challenging to deal with. Embracing these simple measures can take you a step closer to restful nights.

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