Actionable Tips To Reset Your Sleep Routine After The Holiday Season

The holiday season is the most exciting time of the year. The endless parties and celebrations keep you awake until late hours. Last-minute shopping, holiday decor, baking, and party planning can push you to the edge. It is easy to feel exhausted and sleep-deprived by the time the season ends. You may end up staying awake at night and feeling lethargic in the morning. Even worse, it can affect your health and productivity over time. Thankfully, there are ways to reset your sleep routine and get back to regular schedules. Here are some actionable tips to help.

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Get your diet on track

The festive indulgences go beyond getting some extra pounds and inches on your body. Foods high in unhealthy fats and sugar can disrupt your sleep as well. The sooner you get your diet back on track, the better are the chances of having restful nights. Try cleaning up your eating habits by avoiding processed foods and sugar. Also, make sure that you have your last meals a couple of hours before going to bed.

Cut back on caffeine

It is easy to load up on coffee and caffeinated beverages during the holidays. They keep your energy levels up and help you get through the day. On the downside, caffeine can hit your sleep schedule. Resetting your relationship with caffeine is the best thing you can do in the New Year. Cut it back as much as possible, and confine its intake only to the earlier hours of the day. Even better, switch to healthy herbal teas as they help you relax.

Try cannabis as a sleep aid

If sleep seems elusive at the end of the holidays, you can do your bit to address the problem naturally. Medication should be the last thing on your wishlist, as it can do more harm than good. Try cannabis instead because it relieves soreness, alleviates stress, and calms down your nerves. As a beginner, you can try vaping with glass water pipes as they have a simple learning curve. Make sure you pick high-quality water pipes that last forever. Also, choose the right strains and products that induce restful sleep naturally.

Get a digital detox

The idea of posting party pictures on social media sounds alluring, but it does not go well with your sleep. You may end up awake all night browsing and commenting. A digital detox takes you a long way with resetting your bedroom routine after the festive season. If you cannot give up completely, consider staying off your phone at night. Turn off the television and meditate for fifteen minutes before turning in.

Regain consistency in your sleep-wake cycle

A consistent sleep-wake cycle is key to keeping insomnia at bay. It is hard to maintain consistency during the festive weeks, but you can regain control with conscious efforts. Turn in early and wake up at the same time every morning. Your circadian rhythm will be back on track before you know. Consider staying off parties, even on the weekends, so that you can get hold of your routine.

Holiday insomnia is a common thing, and you cannot avoid it. But these steps can help you reset your schedules without much hard work.

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