Cool Auto Accessories for 2024

If your wheels are your pride and joy, you don’t need much convincing to splash out on cool auto accessories; your other half probably doesn’t share your love of cars and that might be a bone of contention in the relationship; if she says you have to choose her or the car, there are lots of females waiting for a prize catch like you (joking)!

auto accessories

Those who are emotionally attached to their set of wheels are always looking at new stuff emerging into the market and we Googled to find a few to whet your appetite.

    • Window shades – Check out the latest generation of car sunshades available from a leading Australian auto accessory supplier with the best brands at affordable prices. They shades are tailored to fit the model, which looks really cool, plus your plush interior won’t fade. A wide range of colours and the shades can offer seclusion to your passengers when stuck in traffic.
    • Reverse cam – Chances are you already had this installed; allowing you complete vision when reversing. A breeze to fit, the hi-def screen adds a touch of hi-tech look and sensor alarms aid when parking in a tight spot. Dashcams are also a good idea; when you are involved in an accident, the footage doesn’t lie and it can help you regarding liability if you recorded the crash.
    • Phone holder/charger – Finally, someone has combined charging with storing; if you use Google Maps, this handy gadget ensures you can see the screen and safely drive. Fix the unit in the ideal location and never have to worry about how much power you have in your device. The online supplier has the best brands at lower-than-retail prices and your warranty is not affected when you shop online. Click here to learn about how crypto is used with online gambling.
    • Trunk organiser – A handy, foldable unit that helps safely store stuff, where would we be without these amazing add-ons? No matter the make or model, there will be a unit designed to fit like a glove into the boot/rear space. Removable sections are ideal for flexible packing of delicates.
    • Bluetooth tracker – Perfect if you want to monitor the use of a shared vehicle, this handy device connects with a digital device and uses GPS. You can find out where your car is at any time and ordering from an online supplier is easy. The unit is small and can be concealed, so only you know about it.
    • Air freshener – Whatever your favourite scent, the leading online auto accessory supplier has you covered, with slow-release natural aromas that elevate your mood and keep the interior smelling fresh. Sleek and long-lasting, some units have multiple scents you can control.

As we move out of the Australian summer, now is the perfect time to start looking at new auto gadgets and with new tech coming out on a daily basis, this is an exciting time for car addicts!

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