6 Small Bathroom Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Does your bathroom have an awkward or cramped layout that causes you to bump into or stumble over items every time you enter? Is the space just too small to fit all of your necessities? These are some of the most common problems many homeowners with small bathrooms face.

However, you no longer have to put up with an unpleasant and uncomfortable bathroom. With a few simple changes, you can turn your small bathroom into a modern oasis that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Small Bathroom Ideas

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Unsurprisingly, bathroom remodeling was among the most popular home improvements in 2021. Many homeowners opted to upgrade the functionality and style of their bathrooms, while others chose to focus on a particular aspect, such as storage or ventilation. These improvements also increase the home’s value and recoup significant amounts of the initial costs.

Based on a recent report, homeowners in Tucson, Arizona, experienced an average return of 58.9% for a mid-range bathroom remodel in 2022. Projections indicate an even higher return of 66.7% for the same remodel in 2023. So, if you’re a Tucson homeowner considering to upgrade your bathroom, now is the time to start planning your project.

Here are six budget-friendly ideas to refresh your bathroom space.

1 Upgrade Your Shower

Consider replacing your existing shower with a stylish walk-in design. This shower style eliminates the need for a door and offers more space to move around. You can add a rainfall showerhead with adjustable settings and customize the shower design.

However, since shower replacement isn’t a DIY job and not all contractors are well-versed in these styles, finding a qualified professional for this project is crucial. If you reside in Tucson, AZ, a quick search online will allow you to find an experienced contractor to install the walk-in shower. So, look up the best Tucson walk-in showers and watch your bathroom transform from dull to luxurious.

These experts ensure the job is done right and will also help you select fixtures and accessories that fit your desired look.

2 Install Floating Cabinets or Shelves

The problems associated with small bathrooms are mainly related to storage. Consider installing floating cabinets or shelves if your bathroom lacks sufficient storage space.

Floating cabinets and shelves add visual appeal to the room while providing much-needed extra storage. The wall-mounted design makes them look chic and modern, even in the smallest of bathrooms. Plus, their light construction takes up minimal space while providing plenty of room for all your items.

These floating furniture pieces are available in various sizes, designs, and materials. Measure the space accurately before purchasing or customizing your shelves and cabinets.

3 Re-work Mirrors and Lighting

Mirrors and lighting are two critical elements of any bathroom design. If these elements are off, your bathroom can look dull, uninviting, and cramped.

Start by swapping out your old mirror with a modern frameless design or adding multiple mirrors to make the room appear bigger. A full-length mirror is also great for small bathrooms as it can add depth and dimension to the room. Make sure to place mirrors in a spot that reflects natural light and spreads it across the room.

Next, replace old-fashioned lights with sleek fixtures that provide enough lighting without overpowering the room. Wall sconces and pendant lights are ideal for bathrooms as they provide illumination while making the space look more stylish. Choose LED lighting over traditional bulbs. You can also install different fixtures for task areas, such as the vanity or shower stall. These should be brighter than other bathroom areas for better grooming visibility.

4 Replace the Sink

Replacing the sink is another easy way to instantly upgrade your bathroom, especially if you’re still stuck with an outdated model. You can opt for a vessel-style sink that sits on top of the counter or a semi-recessed sink that hangs off the side.

If you’re tight on space, consider modern pedestal sinks, which eliminate the need for vanity cabinets and instead feature a column-shaped stand with an attached basin. On the other hand, wall-mounted sinks make unique choices for small spaces as they free up floor area and provide storage underneath.

In addition to style, consider selecting modern faucets that match the new sink design. Opt for waterfall faucets if you’re looking for a high-end look or a touchless tap for convenience.

5 Refresh Your Walls with New Paint

Since your bathroom is already tiny, it’s essential to choose the right paint color that makes the room appear larger. Generally speaking, lighter colors like pastels and neutrals can make a small space look bigger.

You can also add a pop of color with an accent wall for interest or create a spa-like atmosphere with shades of blue. Or mix and match multiple colors to create a unique look. Regarding paint type, use semi-gloss paint as it’s the most moisture-resistant option and works well in bathrooms.

Lastly, if your bathroom doesn’t get natural light, use colors that can create the illusion of light and space.

6 Change the Flooring

A new floor can completely change the look of your bathroom. If you’re on a limited budget, you can opt for vinyl flooring, which is affordable and durable.

If you have more money, consider luxury materials such as natural stone or tile. Stone tiles are available in several colors and patterns to suit your style preferences and will last for years with minimal maintenance.

Moreover, consider using heated flooring tiles if you want a warm bathroom, even on cold winter mornings. This type of tile gathers heat from the ground or ceiling and radiates it into the room.

Finally, add a rug or area rug to your bathroom for style and comfort. A good-quality bath mat can help protect the floor, absorb moisture, and add color to the room.


Although small bathrooms are sometimes challenging to renovate, there are many ways to give your bathroom a quick and easy makeover. Replacing the shower, installing floating cabinets or shelves, re-working mirrors and lighting, and replacing the sink are all great ways to instantly upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom. Additionally, refreshing the walls with new paint colors and changing the flooring can complete the transformation. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create a beautiful small bathroom that’s stylish and functional.

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