Why Optimizing Testosterone Levels is Important for Men

When it comes to the subject of men’s health, testosterone is often mentioned. Why is it considered so important, and what does testosterone do? Testosterone is a hormone that is produced in men via the testes – it is present in women but in very small amounts – and it is associated with a number of functions, not least sexual performance. However, it is not only the libido that testosterone has an effect on, as it is also essential for many other male health factors.

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For example, this hormone makes muscles more powerful, bones stronger, and is also believed to have an effect in the working of the mind. It is sought by bodybuilders via booster supplements for these reasons. It can increase stamina and strength, and is essential for the best sexual performance as we have already mentioned, so you can now begin to see why it is such an important hormone in the male body.

The problem is that testosterone production does not continue infinitely. In fact, men over the age of 30 years usually begin to experience their testosterone levels falling, and this can sometimes happen at a younger age. They notice a listlessness in their libido, perhaps hair loss, and erectile dysfunction can be another symptom. They may also experience mood swings – and even depression – and may feel they have no stamina.

The question is – is it possible to reverse this downturn in testosterone production? Before we talk about that subject, we need to look at another reason why men may start to see a lower output.

Testosterone and Overweight Men

Another common reason for testosterone deficiency is being overweight or obese. The simple fact is that we are a lay society these days, and do not move about as much as we should. The body is designed to move, and yet we spend long hours in front of the TV or sitting at a desk and don’t generally take as much exercise as we should.

Men who work out on a regular basis – and those who take regular exercise to a lesser degree than a full workout – experience more effective testosterone production, as the act of exercising not only stimulates the process but reduces fat deposits.

Fat cells are home to an enzyme that actively converts testosterone into the ‘female hormone,’ estrogen; in effect, the two hormones fight for space in the body. Reducing fat levels means taking away the place where estrogen hides in the male body, and freeing up that space for more testosterone. Exercise and a healthy diet are, therefore, part and parcel of continuing decent levels of testosterone production in a man’s later years.

Testosterone and Male Performance

Getting back to what we mentioned about testosterone deficiency meaning reduced performance, we don’t just mean that in the bedroom! It can also make you less active, less inclined to be active, and more prone to gaining weight because of this. There are testosterone boosters on the market that will help you regain some of that you have lost, and they are certainly worth checking out.

Sexual performance is, of course, of great importance to men of all ages. No man wants their partner – or themselves – to be disappointed when enjoying sex, so testosterone production must be optimized in the male body. At this point, it is important to realize that you can have too much of it, and it can be a problem. This is why it is recommended you consider testosterone boosters very carefully.

We mentioned mood swings and depression as being associated with testosterone deficiency; likewise, too much testosterone in the body can lead to a man becoming over-aggressive – sometimes without control – and irritable, and can also lead to a variety of skin problems and other ailments. So, the vital factor is to keep your levels as they should be per your age and weight. You can find a great deal of very informative testosterone information at Testosterone Land, as well as excellent advice on the subject of how to keep control of your levels.

How to Keep Your Testosterone Levels Right Naturally

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There are ways that you help keep your testosterone levels healthy that do not involve booster supplements, though we do recommend you check out the best of those on the market if you think you need to use one. One is to eat healthy foods – try those that are rich in omega3 fats, such as almonds and avocado, and steer away from those that contain other forms of fat. It is also recommended you should stay away from alcohol, which does not help where fat production is concerned.

Exercise is also vital: you don’t need to indulge in a full-on workout routine – although you may want to enroll at a gym and get professional help if you are any more than just a little overweight – but take a break from your desk and go for a walk, ride a bike to the shops instead of taking the car, or perhaps go swimming or walking at weekends to keep those fat levels down.

The final word on the subject is that testosterone is, without doubt, a very important factor in a man’s life, especially one who leads an active sex life and is looking forward to doing so for a number of years, so check out the information we provided and take it from there.

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