The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Medical Cannabis Consultations

If you’re in the market for a medical marijuana evaluation, look for reputable online services. You’ll want to avoid fake companies that will give you an assessment, approve you, and then steal your money.

A consultation is your opportunity to ask the doctor any questions you have about incorporating cannabis into your wellness plan. It’s important to remember that doctors must remain neutral and focus on ensuring your safety.

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Prepare for Your Appointment

The first step in your medical cannabis journey begins with a consultation appointment. As with any other medical appointment, it’s best to arm yourself with knowledge beforehand.

Gather any medical records relevant to your appointment, such as your current prescriptions and test results about your condition(s). Having this information on hand can help save you time and is also helpful for your healthcare professional in assessing whether or not medicinal cannabis will work for you.

Your doctor will ask standard questions you’d expect to see at any medical appointment, like your daily lifestyle, pain/symptoms, and how they affect your life. They’ll discuss any previous medications/treatments you’ve tried and whether they effectively managed your symptoms. They’ll also ask about your tolerance to cannabis and how you’d prefer to consume it – whether that’s through edibles, oil, tinctures, or vaporizing. They’ll also provide you with a complete education session on using your medication and registering with a trusted provider of cannabis education – access expert insights and resources.

Be Prepared for Questions

A medical marijuana evaluation isn’t the time to be shy about your cannabis use. Your doctor will likely want to know what other pain relief you have tried (both prescription and over-the-counter) and how it has worked for you. This information is vital to share as medical marijuana may interact with certain medications.

It’s also important to share any other health problems you have that could be related to your pain. Your doctor will want to know how severe your symptoms are and how they interfere with your regular life.

While many doctors will have an initial adverse reaction to broaching the topic of medical marijuana, it is your right to ask questions. Your doctor’s personal feelings on the matter take precedence over managing your pain and increasing your quality of life. If you feel your physician is scornful or dismissive, it’s best to find a new doctor.

Be Prepared for Tests

A medical marijuana evaluation can be a long process, and the doctor will likely ask you questions about your health history, symptoms, and current medications. It is essential, to be honest and open so that they can accurately assess your health and determine whether or not medical cannabis is right for you.

If you are taking other medications, make sure that you bring a list of them with you to the appointment, and be prepared for your physician to discuss possible interactions between prescription drugs and cannabis. Even something as simple as caffeine could interact with some medications, so it is always best to be informed.

In addition, the physician may need to conduct a physical exam, so be prepared for this as well.

Be Prepared for the Appointment

Whether it is your first time broaching medical cannabis with your doctor or you are a returning patient who wants to update your current treatment regimen, be prepared for a thorough assessment of your health status and goals. During the consultation, your doctor (in person or via telehealth) will identify your qualifying conditions and symptoms and determine if cannabis is right for you.

Depending on your state’s regulations, medical cannabis may help to relieve symptoms like chronic pain, PTSD, epilepsy, or glaucoma. Your doctor will also discuss the different ways to ingest cannabis, including vaping, edibles, and topical products.

Medical cannabis is an ever-evolving treatment with new research and discoveries happening all the time. Staying informed through credible online sources is vital. They will help you sift through and weigh the merit of recent scientific studies to make the best decisions for your needs.

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