5 Interesting Facts About the Human Brain

A healthy brain is essential for proper decision-making, communication, problem-solving, and many other daily functions. Although we may understand the importance of the brain, there are many facts about the human brain that many of us aren’t aware of. Learning about the brain is a great way to have a better understanding of its functions and why we should place brain health at the top of our priority lists.

In the guide below, we’ll learn about several human brain facts that might surprise you. Continue reading to get started!

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1 There Are Around 90 Billion Neurons

Neurons in your brain are also known as nerve cells. The neurons in your brain are what send and receive signals from the brain. As time passes, these neurons can combine with one another and increase storage capacity in your brain.

Unfortunately, when someone suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, these neurons can become damaged and eventually stop working. In return, your memory is negatively affected.

2 The Spinal Cord Transfers Messages

Your spinal cord is what sends messages from your brain to the rest of your body and vice versa. Your central nervous system is made up of your spinal cord and your brain. Your brain is your body’s command center.

It sends signals through your spinal cord to allow regular body functions such as breathing or muscle movements. Your body then sends sensory information through your spinal cord to the brain.

3 The Vagus Nerve Affects Your Mood

The vagus nerve is an interoceptive nerve that connects visceral organs to the brain. Interoceptive nerves are our nerves that sense what our body feels internally. This might include pain and even mood.

Proper vagus nerve health is essential for good mood and energy, blood circulation, and more. You can refer to this site for more information about the vagus nerve and how to improve its health.

4 Your Brain Isn’t Fully Formed Until 25

As your brain develops, it starts at the back of the brain and gradually forms until the front of the brain is developed as well. Your frontal lobes are some of the last components of your brain to develop. The frontal lobes are what control your reasoning and planning skills.

For many people, these skills don’t come into play until after the age of 25 when their brains are finished developing.

5 Your Brain’s Weight is 75% Water

Your brain weighs about 3 lbs and 75% of that weight is water weight. Water in your brain can help absorb shock when needed. It’s also an important element for removing toxins and delivering nutrients.

There is no research that suggests brain size has a relation to intelligence.

Which Facts About the Human Brain Surprised You?

Did you find any of these facts about the human brain surprising? Although many of us understand how important our brains are, there are so many brain facts we’re not aware of. Keep all the information about the human brain given in this guide handy to refer back to when needed.

To discover more interesting facts or read up on various topics, remember to check back here often.

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