Great Ideas for Spending More Quality Time with Your Kids

time with your kids

Oftentimes, you come from work all tired and emotionally drained and your kids come from school ready to grab their phones or play video games. While this is the reality for many of us, it’s not a good way for your kids to spend their childhoods. What you need to do is squeeze more quality time spent together and here’s how.

Evening Pajama Strolls

time with your kids

Bedtimes can be a little chaotic, especially with younglings. So, in order to help them calm down and spend that pent up energy, you can engage in evening pajama strolls if weather permits. This will not only give your kids tome to decompress but also allow you to spend calming and healthy evenings with them away from TVs and smartphones.

Family Cooking Days

time with your kids

Dinners with your family are often most precious memories kids can grow up with. However, they will be even more willing to participate in family meals if you put them to work in the kitchen. Kitchens are like little labs where boring groceries turn into tasty pancakes and fun tacos. So, once a week, have a family cooking evening, opt for a theme (Italian, Mexican, Chines cuisine) and experiment with ingredients. Once you’re finished with your prep, you can all enjoy a tasty mean and engage in conversation with one another.

DIY Art Time

time with your kids

If you want to nurture creativity in your kids, there’s no better way to spend time with them than doing some DIY art projects. Kids who love technology will simply adore gadgets like 3D pens and everything connected to 3D printing. If you check out some educational products shop packs for kidsyou will find all sorts of amazing things that will keep you and your kids engaged for hours. You can create toys, shelf art and everything in between—if you can think it, you can make it with a 3D pen! For some more traditional arts-and-crafts time, you can try paper mache, acrylic pouring and relaxing coloring books.

Fix Things

time with your kids

One thing that’s easy and useful to remember as a parent is to never do any house repairs without your kids. Home improvements are not only a great way to spend time with your loved ones without screens, but they are also an amazing teaching tool that will show your kids many useful skills for the future. Your attic, kitchen, basement and crawl spaces are all classrooms where your little ones can learn how to use their brain and hands to safely fix things. Little ones can hold the flashlight and fetch your tools while older kids can dictate the instructions and even fix things on their own (with your guidance).

Exercise Together

While your kids might see that as a chore at first, there’s absolutely no healthier way to spend quality time with your children than exercising. Regular physical activity adds years to your life—years that you can spend with your family. Plus, it makes your kids healthy, strong, mentally calm and socially skilled. And you don’t have to hit the gym to get a good workout. Think tag, jump tope, racquetball, hoops, soccer, fun shooting games with a gel ball shooter—all those activities that kids usually enjoy.

Have a Photoshoot


Do you remember when you and your kid took some fun photos together? You probably can’t, especially if your kids are a little bit older. Taking photos together is an important love language to learn and you’re guaranteed to get plenty of laughs and hilarious photos to look at in the future. So, dress up, think of some funny poses and scenarios and click away!

Playing Video Games

playing video games

While we all try to get our kids away from screens as much as possible, video games are not all that bad, especially if you decide to play them together as a family. Why? Well, this is one part of their lives where they absolutely have the advantage over parents and it’s good for their mental health and confidence to see their parents as humans who are not at all invincible. Plus, you’re guaranteed to cause plenty of healthy laughs due to your lack of skill—laughing is one of the best ways to spend quality time together.

With just a little bit of planning, you will easily find time and energy to spend quality time with your kids and make your bond even stronger while teaching them all sorts of useful skills they will use all throughout their lives.

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