5 Girl Boss Gift Ideas All the Lady Bosses Will Love

The holidays are just around the corner, and last-minute shopping sprees are out of the questions when we want to impress someone near and dear to us, someone that is both an inspiration and a loved one, a role model and a boss. We’re, of course, talking about all those ladies that make ladyhood seem like the ultimate form of boss-ery, when you know that she will always find a way to reach her goals, and accomplish anything girl boss sets her mind to. Naturally, we all want to celebrate women of such perseverance and aspiration.

girld boss gift ideas


So, you already have an image of that person in your mind? All the more reason to take your time when selecting the perfect gift for her, to make her holidays even more special. Here are a few ideas that are meant for an awesome girl boss that you can add to your wish-list and try finding the perfect option for her!

A Planner to Wow Her

girl boss gift ideas

She’s always on the go, and she’s the kind of gal to keep track of her milestones, looking for more ways to be productive and to stay on top of her responsibilities as well as her self-care needs. A busy bee such as her needs a trusty planner that will help her in those noble pursuits, and you can give her the perfect one, such as the Day Designer planner that comes with stunning cover patterns to brighten up her day.

Depending on her preferences, you can opt for a daily, weekly, or a flexible “today and to-do” planner. Of course, look for a design that resonates with her personality, and that will bring a smile to her face every time she’s about to plan something awesome for her future!

The Ultimate Green Beauty Gift

girl boss gift ideas

So many girl bosses today are on the lookout for new ways to go green. Aware of the current climate crisis and firmly believing that every choice matters, these ladies will appreciate brands and cosmetics with an organic twist, and products that preserve Mother Nature every step of the way.

Inspired by the stunning region of the Provence, organic L’Occitane beauty items are infused with natural ingredients coming straight from this French region and concocted to protect the environment in the process. Want to impress your lady boss? Give her a green beauty gift bag containing her essential elements, such as a hand cream, body lotion, and shower oil, and she’ll love you for the effort!

Bring Out Her Femininity

girl boss gift ideas

Every girl boss has her own fashion preferences, and they all appreciate a finely crafted garment they can wear comfortably for years on end. If you’re truly close to this feminine goddess, you can certainly be so bold as her empower her with some beautiful lingerie, the kind that will let her skin breathe and that will at the same time elevate her confidence to new heights.

Alternatively, if you have yet to exchange such intimate gifts, a boho breezy dress or top to remind her of her delicate, feminine self is another perfect option. Look for a boho tops online so that she can easily upgrade for a luxe night out and simultaneously simplify it for a daytime date with her bestie – you!

Remind Her of the Need to Slow Down

 gift ideas for women

Every now and then, every girl boss wants to reach for the stars, and you want to give her the energy and the self-care sustenance to do that. By inspiring her to slow down occasionally, to enjoy a delightful bubble bath, to immerse herself in the fragrance of scented candles on her bedside table, you’ll give her the perfect tools to refresh herself and restore her energy.

Sometimes, in order to move faster and go further in life, we all need to slow down. Perhaps a set of those scented candles is all it takes to provide her with some inspiration to change her pace, take a deep breath, and keep moving forward while taking care of herself!

Let Her Celebrate in Style

 gift ideas for women

She works hard, so she deserves to celebrate all of her accomplishments in style. If your diva boss loves wines, then you have a perfect opportunity to send her a gift that keeps on giving, a bottle of wine made by another girl boss, such as Debbie Juergenson’s Apothic Dark Red Blend, a powerful and bold vintage ideal for the badass lady boss you’re about to impress.

Of course, you can also go for a sparkly rosé or a classic sauvignon blanc, depending on her wine palate. Just make sure you look for a girl boss that made the bottle with the same zeal and passion that your friend will tackle her own ambitions.

It’s no easy task to dazzle a mighty girl boss, but a gift that will bring new life to her goals and add a note of care and elegance to her holidays cannot miss the mark. Use this guide as your source of inspiration, and she’ll appreciate your thought as much as she will love the gift of your choosing!

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