Five Reasons You Should Visit Japan

Japan is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, and it is recognized that way for many reasons. Aside from being home to over 6,800 islands, it also houses several attractions and views that are more than enough to attract millions of people across the world, regardless of its seasons. Find out in advance about accommodation in Japan with cozycozy, where you can compare prices and types of accommodation across all available offers.

For those who are yet to take a trip to Japan, in this article from casino online, we will be looking at a few reasons why Japan is a tourist favorite.

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The Locals

The Japanese are widely known across the world for their courtesy and humble conduct, as they are well-behaved and disciplined. Evidence of this brings the cleanliness of the streets, the forming of lines at train stations even during rush hours, and the smooth conducting of businesses at restaurants, malls, and small shops. Japanese people are quite easy to approach and are willing to help visitors when they need directions even if they speak little English.


Japanese cuisine is known across the world as kit has managed to gain a positive reputation due to its unique qualities. Japanese curry, takoyaki, melon pan, sushi, and Kobe beef are all well known in famous restaurants across the world. And with it being famously known, you can expect to see many of them in random places you venture to in the Asian country. Their Cuisine is one of the many reasons tourists enjoy visiting Japan.

World Heritage Sites

With Japanese history dating as far as thousands of years back, you’ll see their collection of ancient temples, shrines, and other impressive structures of the past. Although most of them met destruction in wars and natural disasters through the centuries, many of them were still able to make it to this current day and most of them were recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of them include: Castles in Himeji, Nijo, Temples in Ginkaku-ji, Tenryu-ji, Ryoan-ji, Kiyomizu-dera, Kinkaku-ji, Shrines in Itsukishima and Futarasan Jinja.

Learning How To Make Ramen From Scratch

Ramen is one of the most universally accepted food among college students. In Japan, you can easily learn how to make Japanese ramen that always looks so attractive in personalized ramen cooking classes in the country.

The best part about this is that even the local Japanese ramen factories offer classes to teach people how to make good and tasty ramen. There will be instructors for every group and a couple of instructions to follow. You’ll learn the technique from the draining process to the soap-making process. Ramen is one of the reasons people love Japan, as it originated from Tokyo.


Japan – where can be accessed – is a country that is connected by several networks of railways from north to south, and east to west. The bullet train, which is also called the Shinkansen, is fast enough to allow both locals and foreigners to get to their destination in lesser time.

The cities of Japan have other forms of transportation that are all linked with several luring sites. Their several subways, metro lines, and bus networks for inter-city travel in Tokyo and Osaka.

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