Four Facts About Caffeine

Caffeine has almost become a part of people’s everyday routine. Most people have a deep relationship with caffeine, we love it enough to take it every day in tea, sodas, and coffee. In this article, we will be talking about some impressive facts about caffeine brought to you by online casino newzealand.

Four Facts About Caffeine

Coke Previously Had The Same Amount Lf Caffeine As Red Bull

Caffeinated energy drinks can easily be found almost everywhere across the world, which are the Red Bull, Moster, Rockstar, and others. Before Coca-Cola changed its ways, the company previously used 80 milligrams of caffeine in an eight-ounce serving of coke. This is the exact amount of caffeine content in today’s Red Bull. This means that Coca-Cola was the first company to develop the concept of energy drink before Red Bull was born.

Starbucks Coffee Still Has More Caffeine Content Than Energy Drinks

It was previously stated that energy drinks had the highest content of caffeine. Yes, they are definitely packed with high content of caffeine than the colas and teas, but not as much as coffee. For example, a Starbuck coffee (four ounces of coffee) is laced with more caffeine punch than the average energy drink. Even the popular 16-ounces of Monsters and Rockstars only have about 160 milligrams of caffeine, which is half the amount Starbucks considers for a drip-brewed grande.

We Take Less Coffee Today Than In The 1950s

This is not very surprising, as people now take in more energy drinks. However, the coffee culture was still able to find a ground, as you can literally find Starbucks in almost every corner and there are various imports and exports of coffee across the world. But yet, we drink less coffee than we did back in the 1950s. Following the conclusion of World War II, the consumption of coffee that seemed to be at its peak at the time suddenly dropdown. Not long after, caffeinated beverages became the new trend, just like how best real money online casino became the new trend of gambling online.

Coffee Has The Most Amount Of Caffeine Content

Coffee still accounts for the most caffeine content. Even if we take liters of caffeinated sodas or energy drinks than we do for coffee, most of our caffeine still originates from the small coffee we took earlier. This is because caffeine is much more concentrated in the average coffee. Soft drinks take second place for the most caffeine content, followed by tea.

Caffeine Is A Socially Acceptable Drug

 Caffeine is one of the most socially acceptable drugs, and this is because studies that shown that it can improve people’s mood and concentration as well as sharpen one’s focus and increase lifespan. Aside from that, studies also show that it can be used to fend off Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

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