Why do Women Wear Short Skirts

Skirt is a weapon you can wear every day and for any occasion. Unfortunately, there is still lots of negative misinformation on women wearing very short clothing pieces. Regardless mini skirts are coming back to style this year, most people are still questioning why do women wear short skirts.

Historically, men and women were wearing skirts since ancient times. Indeed, a skirt was a very practical garment for men, especially in warm climate zones. Generally speaking, a skirt was a standard attire in all ancient cultures and was used to cover persons lower part of the body for ages. Interestingly, in the 15th century only an upper-class man was permitted to wear a very short skirt. If talking about women, very short skirts known as mini skirts, went into fashion in 60’s only. Since then, they have never gone out of fashion. Actually, a mother of a mini skirt is fashion designer Mary Quant, who shaped a view of femininity by shortening skirts up to 10cm above the knees.

In order to break a cycle of negativity, we would like to bring forth several rational reasons why do women wear short skirts.

why do women wear short skirts

Short skirts are comfortable and practical

If you ask a woman why she loves wearing short skirts, she will definitely reply to you that she is feeling more comfortable than wearing any type of shorts or trousers. Also, short skirts are more practical than long skirts, because you can move around freely in crowded spaces. For example, if you decide to wear a short skirt with cropped corset top at night club, you will be able to dance more freely.

Besides, long and medium skirts can severely restrict your movement. In some cases long skirts have lots of fabric and you can get caught on things, can entangle and trip over. It is especially important if you are using a public transportation going to and from work.

Furthermore, short fashion attires take less fabric, less labour and at the same less power to produce. So short skirts are more environmentally friendly, because production require fewer emissions and cause less pollution.

An important practical factor is that short skirts require less storage space, because they are small and short fashion pieces. They are easy to carry and easy to put on as well.

Another reason why women wear short skirts is that short clothing allows more of a breeze and better ventilation. If you live in hot and humid conditions, short skater skirt or a dress made of light fabric are ideal fashion options. Additionally, combining short garments will help you to tan. Actually, if you wear a short skirt with crop top without sleeves you will tan your limbs without any effort. How cool is that?

A short skirt gets attention and brings confidence

Another important factor why do women wear short skirts is that this attire makes them feel more confident. Pay attention, the main aim is to attract and boost self-confidence not to seduce strangers on the street.

Men tend to say that a woman wearing a short skirt is very inviting or even slutty. This stereotype must be broken apart, because most women feel and state opposite. Yes, a short skirt makes woman look sexy and attractive, especially if paired with high heels. Yes, short skirt is fun and flirty, but it doesn’t mean a woman is looking for an easy sex adventure. It is a more about a gender-mentally, because females simply tend to show more skin in general.

 Everyone should wear anything in which one feels comfortable and enjoy a positive attention.

why do women wear short skirts

Short skirts are easy to mix and match

Every fashionista knows that short skirts are very easy to match with. There are many different fashion pieces to go with a short skirt. First of all, short skirt shows off more leg. In this case you can wear a variety of tights, knee socks, leggings, boots, sexy heels and casual shoes.

Furthermore, you can mix and match with halter tops, long sleeves, oversized t-shirts, sexy tops, chunky knit sweater, blazer and all types of coats. Feel free to experiment with silhouettes, necklines and patterns. Pro tip: for edgier look, black leather skirts team well with green going out tops.

Most importantly, you can wear short skirts in any weather and still be warm. In fact, short skirts can be mixed and matched with almost any winter garment. Explore Vasaro’s Trendy Dresses Collection for more fashionable options.

Short skirts and fitness

As earlier mentioned, short skirt is designed to reveal your legs. So, if you are gifted with beautiful long legs, then skirt is the easiest way to show off your silhouette. On the other hand, a short skirt can be an excellent reminder of a regular gym attendance. Thus, if you are a lover of short fashion attire, you will be exercising regularly.

The secret is, that a woman intuitively knows her best body parts. She will dress the way she feels most confident and she will do anything to look attractive. Short skirts allow them to do so.

Bottom line

Generally speaking, short skirts do have some downsides and may look uncomfortable, but most women like them to wear anyway. This little fashion garment helps to maintain woman’s self-confidence, helps her feel good and gets attention from men and women. As you can see, short skirts can be pronounced being comfortable and practical.

Never forget, a well fitted short skirt makes your legs look sexy!