7 Things To Consider When Buying Cricket Shoes

Cricket is a game that requires agility, speed and skill. It also requires a good pair of cricket shoes to perform at your best. However, with so many companies offering options for the best cricket shoes in Australia at Kookaburra, it’s hard to know which ones to choose.

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1 Budget

A good pair of cricket shoes can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 or more. If you are looking for something cheaper, try online stores like Amazon or eBay. Good quality cricket shoes can be found at reasonable prices on these websites. You may need to buy multiple pairs of shoes before finding one that fits well and lasts long enough for you to get your money’s worth though.

2 Fit

If you don’t have the right fit for your feet, then no amount of money spent on a pair of expensive shoes will help you play better. Therefore, be sure that your new pair of cricket shoes fits perfectly before buying them. Cricket shoes come in sizes from 6 to 13 and they will usually fit best on your big toe. You should also try them on with socks because they might be too tight if you don’t wear them with them.

3 Material

The material of the shoe matters because it affects your feet’s comfort and performance. Most of the shoes have synthetic leather upper, which offers a soft feel and durability at the same time. However, some shoes have a combination of synthetic and canvas materials that offer an effective support to your feet while playing. Cricket shoes tend to be made of leather, rubber or synthetic leather materials. Leather is the most durable and softest option but it can be expensive and needs regular care and maintenance to keep it looking good. Rubber-soled cricket shoes are good for playing on wet pitches, but they can be slippery on hard surfaces and may wear down faster than leather options.

4 Comfort

Cricket shoes should be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time, but they shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. You don’t want them to slip off or pinch your feet when you run, so it’s important to try them on before buying them.

5 Durability

You’re going to be kicking the ball around quite a bit, so it’s important that your cricket shoes can withstand this kind of wear and tear. Look for thick soles and good stitching on the uppers. The more synthetic materials used in construction, the better! Synthetic materials won’t absorb moisture like leather will which means they’ll last longer as well as dry faster when wet!

6 Shoe type

You need to decide between slip-on or lace up before buying a pair of cricket shoes. Slip-on shoes are easy to wear but they don’t give you much control over the fit as compared to lace up shoes. A good pair of lace up cricket shoes will not only help you get a snug fit but also allow you to adjust them according to your needs during play.

7 Sole

The sole is one of the most important parts of any pair of crickets because it helps provide better traction on the field. Rubber soles are used mostly in all types of cricket shoes as they offer good grip even on wet surfaces and keep your feet stable during play.

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