Wedding Dress Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

The pandemic put a halt on many events and gatherings, including weddings. However, things are getting better nowadays, and people have adjusted to the new normal. Many couples forced to postpone their weddings pushed through with it last year, and others are looking to tie the knot this year. So, if you and your fiancé decided to have your big day this 2022, you probably have started looking for your wedding dress.

Most brides give huge importance to the dress they will wear on their special day. It’s not surprising since all eyes will be on them. Plus, it’s a once in a lifetime experience, so they want to look their best, and the type of wedding dress they wear plays a massive role in achieving that. So if you want to look expensive and glamorous when you walk down the aisle, here are some of the wedding dress trends to watch out for this 2022.

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Minimalist dress

Sometimes, glamour and luxury do not necessarily mean bling, intricate details, or over the top designs. It could also equate to minimalism. It has this simple yet chic feel that gives you a fresh, elegant, and delicate look, and it’s one of the trends expected to be a hit this year. Trends come, go, and repeat.

For instance, minimalist wedding dresses became popular in the 90s and are making a comeback. You can go dramatic with your makeup on this dress, as it will create a nice balance. You can find professional wedding suppliers, including experienced hair and makeup artists, at houseofpartyplanning.com. They can help you look your most beautiful on your special day.

High neckline wedding dress

If you want a more conservative look or you don’t want to show much skin, this wedding dress style is an excellent option. It also gives that dainty and vintage feel. What’s good about a high neckline is that it can work with any dress style, such as A-line, mermaid, or princess ball gown. You can also show subtle skin with this dress by going for a sheer or lace material on top.

Square neckline

One of the elements that brides consider in a wedding dress is the neckline. The most popular styles are sweetheart, plunging, V-neck, illusion, off-shoulder, and one-shoulder necklines. Although it was not a popular pick before, a square neckline is expected to be a hit this year. Regardless of whether you have a big or small bust, a wedding dress with a square neckline is flattering, and it also offers coverage and support in that area. You will feel more confident knowing that every detail about your gown accentuates your assets.

Big and unique sleeves

If you are bold and adventurous and don’t want a traditional look on your big day, a wedding dress with oversized and unique sleeves is perfect. Angular shoulders and puff sleeves are some examples. It has also been a past trend, mainly in the 80s. If you want to channel that decade, go for this style. Since the sleeves are already huge, you could tone down on the body by going for a simple cut or tight-fitting design. The two styles will complement each other, so you will have a more balanced look that is put together instead of looking too busy. If your dress is all over the place, it could take away the focus on your beauty.

Floral details

Gone are the days when wedding dresses were plain white. Many brides are now more adventurous and are ready to try something out of the box. You will find different colours, patterns, and styles of wedding dresses. Those with floral prints or details would be big this year. If you love flower accents, check out wedding dresses with this design.

Corset wedding dress

Feeling sultry and sexy for your wedding day? A corset type wedding dress is an excellent option. Corsets may sound old, but they are also making a comeback this year. It’s not just with wedding dresses that you could see this style but on casual outfits too. Pair it with a flowy material, and you will look ethereal.

Bridal separates

It’s another trend that modern brides tend to pick in recent years, and it will continue to be popular this year. The top is separate from the skirt or even a pair of pants, but everything works together when combined.

Consider these styles when choosing your wedding dress. Select one that will match your style, which you’ll also be comfortable wearing.

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