Advantages Of Brow Lamination

If you’re searching for thick, feathery, natural-looking brows, brow lamination may just be the beauty treatment for you. The innovative brow scaping technique ‘fluffs up’ the brows’ natural hairs to create a groomed and brushed up look. It’s a trend that’s taken the world by storm, and one that’s quickly becoming a favorite in local salons.

brow lamination

What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is the process of brushing the natural brow hairs upward to keep them in the desired shape. It’s perfect for those who want a natural, ‘full-bodied’ brow with very minimal upkeep. Brow lamination happens in three stages. Stage one requires coating the brows with a softening solution for 20 minutes. This makes the hairs more pliable, ready for the second stage. The second stage then involves brushing the brows into place. Once the brows have been shaped, the final stage includes coating the brows with a brow lamination gel- an incredibly strong solution to help solidify the final look.

What are the benefits of brow lamination?

Brow lamination fixes gaps and over-plucking in the same way it fixes excessive hair growth and bushiness. Visit Trio Beauty for other alternatives in fixing over-plucked brows.

Many of us have suffered a brow fatality at some point in our lives, whether it’s over-plucking, shaving, or a mono-brow mishap. Nonetheless, brow lamination works on all types of brows. For those with thin brows, or who experience gaps from over-plucking, brow lamination can create a fullness to combat any patchiness you may have. On the flip side, if your brows are prone to long hairs that are hard to manage, or you simply leave them to grow out and want a more groomed appearance, the low-maintenance lamination will keep every hair in place with a neat and tidy finish.

It lasts a long time

Brow lamination can last up to 8-weeks which is fantastic if you’re looking for a lazy way to keep on top of your brows’ daily appearance. Your natural hair growth cycle can affect the treatment’s longevity, as your eyebrow hairs begin to fall out naturally. However, with regular brow lamination treatments, your hair will start to adapt. With regular treatments, your eyebrow hairs will begin to grow in the direction of the styled brow. Ultimately meaning you could be able to wait even longer between appointments.

It’s painless!

Unlike microblading, threading, and other brow treatments, brow lamination is totally painless. Brow lamination works on the skin and not the hairs, so the healing time is nil. It’s a quick and easy treatment that allows you to walk away after your treatment ready to crack on as normal.

You have total control of how extreme your brow lamination looks

A good beauty therapist will always be able to give you the desired look you’re after. Brow lamination can be completed using the basic gel application process, optimizing your natural brow for a simple, day-to-day look. For a fuller look, you can opt-in for additional brow tinting, giving additional shape and structure to the brow. And if you want a less ‘wild’ appearance, you can have the brows trimmed and shaped in a neatly pristine way.

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