How To Style Bold Patterns And Create An Eye-Catching Outfit

After several years copped up inside, many of us are eager to rejuvenate our styles and go for a statement look.

That’s why bold and colorful prints are one of the biggest fashion trends in 2023. Plain outfits have their place, but for a statement look you can’t beat a bold print!

Styling bright patterns takes courage and skill, as you need to create a cohesive outfit that catches the eye in a good way. If you choose the wrong accompaniments to your prints, you could find yourself being swamped and looking a mess.

bold patterns

To help you create a bold and beautiful printed look, here are some tips on styling your entire outfit and choosing the perfect clothes and accessories to complement your prints.

Pick The Right Printed Pieces

The first step to styling bold patterns is to find the right items of printed clothing and the patterns you love. Whether you want classic leopard print or quirky polka dots, there’s something out there to suit everyone’s style. When it comes to the item of clothing you choose, blouses or T-shirts are the common option, but you could also rock a bold pair of trousers if you’re feeling brave.

Keep Your Accessories Simple But Stunning

The key to wearing bright patterns is to choose simple pieces to go along with them. When it comes to accessories like jewellery, you want something small and simple that’s guaranteed to make an impact but won’t overshadow the rest of your look. A beautiful addition like these U-shaped hoop diamond earrings from J’evar can elevate your outfit without overpowering it, making them the perfect statement piece for patterned outfits and loads of other ensembles.

Go For A Size Up On Your Patterned Clothes

When it comes to the fit of your patterned pieces, it pays to go a size up from what you usually wear. That’s because if they’re too tight, the pattern and shapes can become distorted and look strange. Also, the clothes might make your body shape look unusual, which could give you a weird silhouette. Where possible, always try on patterned items of clothing before you buy them. If you’re ordering online, make sure the store has a good returns policy, so you can send it back if the piece is too tight or doesn’t fit correctly. A baggier fit will help you to create the right look and give you a relaxed aesthetic when wearing bold prints.

Wear Neutral Colours Alongside Patterned Pieces

Bright patterns can be overwhelming if you mix and match too many. While you can wear a couple of patterned pieces together, you should make sure that the rest of the outfit is neutral so that your look isn’t too distracting and muddled. Choose timeless neutral clothing items, like high-quality white T-shirts, beige chinos and other closet staples to create a sleek look alongside your patterned statement pieces. These classic neutrals can be used for a wide range of ensembles, so you’ll be able to get your money’s worth and ensure you always look your best for any occasion.

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