Fragrance Notes You Must Try in 2021

So, it is almost Christmas time and right after that, we all will be ringing in a New Year. That means a lot of new and happy transitions across a lot of areas in life. And when the change is for the better, why cling on to the old perfume, especially when there are new and exciting new flavors and notes to choose from? If you have been feeling bored and have been looking forward to trying something new this coming year, this blog is just for you.

Fragrance Notes You Must Try

1 Vanilla but Different!

Who says that the age-old vanilla has to be boring? With new combinations coming in the market, this is something that you may want to hold on to forever. It is predicted that the amalgamation of vanilla notes along with fruity notes of patchouli, rose, jasmine, lilies, etc. are going to rule fiercely and that is why you should start looking for something like that today.

2 Reinvented Florals!

If floral scents are what draws you in the most, then the plethora for you is endless. Lavenders, Violets, Plumeria, Orange Blossoms, Honey-Suckle, Carnations, and the list can go on and on. But there is one tip that can help to save you from being confused and that is to decide the season you wish to wear the perfume in. If it is the winters that you aim for, then pick the notes that resonate the wintry feeling the best, and if for the coming summers, imagining your perfect little garden with your choicest of blossoms will help.



3 Spice it Up!

Every perfume has its own character and that is something that you need to keep in your mind when you want to pick up spicy notes in your perfume.

According to the experts at Cleanbeauty.com  these fragrances have a strong and heavy note. Having a spicy heart note or a base note will never fail you.

4 Looking for something Snug?

Who says that only a cup of coffee could be a hug in the mug? If you want your perfume to give you that very same sense of comfort, then looking for something like the mix of an overall well-crafted perfume having the notes of balanced floral, spicy, and fresh may feel like sunshine on a dull dark day. There are a lot of options that you can see before making the choice about the one that speaks to you just the right.

Fragrance Notes You Must Try

5 Classics that Never Fail

And this one is especially for you all who still want some time to make up your mind about the best experimental result that you wait for. You can always keep on choosing selections of the olfactory pyramids among citrus, floral, oriental, woody, musky, smokey, and all the myriad of moods that you resonate with the most. These are some of the time-tested combinations that will never fail you.

The Takeaway

Your perfume is something that is very personal and is your own. And it is also something that tells about you without any words. So, hopefully, these guidelines help you to pick the perfume that brings happiness and positivity in your life along with all the other good changes in this new year.

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