A Modern Gentleman’s Guide to Fashion

Does your wardrobe need an injection of style? Many men tend to find one look like they and just stick with it—but over time, this can become dull and uninspiring. If you’re ready to embrace the world of fashion and go from dude to gentleman, great choice! Men’s fashion is easier than you might think, especially if you start with just a few key pieces.

If you’re ready to learn how to dress, no matter the occasion, keep reading to find our modern gentleman’s guide to fashion.

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A Gentleman Always Has His Suits Tailored

When it comes to men’s fashion, don’t underestimate the power of a good tailor—especially when it comes to suits and business attire.

A tailor can turn an average outfit into something spectacular, simply by making a few alterations so it fits you better. They can take up the hems of trousers, adjust suit jacket fit, or take in the fabric on items that are too loose.

Using a tailor is also perfect for those times when you find an amazing item on sale, but the fit isn’t quite right. You can still pick up a bargain and just have it tailored to the right size.

Although using a tailor is an additional cost when it comes to your wardrobe, the results are worth it.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to finding a tailor, ask colleagues or friends for recommendations. If you know any sharply-dressed men (or women), they can probably recommend a great tailor in your area.

Invest in Quality Shoes

Our next tip for our men’s fashion guide is to invest in quality leather shoes. It’s been said that ‘shoes make the man’, and it’s true that the right shoes can make or break an outfit. Italian slippers mens, quality leather shoes, or loafers can work for the office, but also during the weekends when paired with chinos or slacks.

Quality leather shoes or loafers can work for the office, but also during the weekends when paired with chinos or slacks. Yes, shoes can be very expensive, but well-made leather will last for years to come. If you are looking for something new style and in leather feel free to check men’s huaraches.

To help your shoes last longer, clean and polish them regularly and use shoe trees to help them retain their shape.

Take Care of Your Clothes

Your wardrobe is a serious investment, so you want your clothes to last for as long as possible. A true gentleman knows the importance of looking after his clothes and isn’t afraid of irons, steamers, or dry cleaners.

You should know how and when to wash all of the items of clothing in your closet. Business shirts, for example, should only be worn once or twice between washings, as the cuffs and collars come into contact with the oils from your skin and can yellow over time.

With business slacks, you can go a bit longer, up to two or three wears before washing. However, you’ll need to hang them up after each use to prevent wrinkles.

Jackets, jeans, and sweaters don’t need to be washed after each use, but should also be stored and folded with care. When it comes to gym clothes and socks, they always need to be washed after each wear—no matter what!

Pay attention to the care instructions on your labels and know which items require dry cleaning. Dry-clean only items can shrink or become damaged if you toss them in the washing machine, so try to follow the instructions.

Leave the Sweatpants at Home

On a Saturday morning, it’s tempting to head out the door in your sweatpants to grab a coffee and walk the dog. However, a modern gentleman knows that sleepwear and sweats are best kept inside the house.

Fashion doesn’t end at 5pm on Friday, so there’s no reason your weekend attire can’t be both comfortable and stylish.

Why not go for comfy corduroy, linen shorts, or your favorite jeans instead?

Purchase Timeless Pieces

When shopping for new clothes, it’s best to focus on classic, timeless pieces that you wear for years to come like a classy pocket watch from Dalvey rather than fast fashion. You want clothes that will look as good in a few years’ time as they do now, so invest in pieces that are durable, well-made, and will stand the test of time.

What should you be looking for? You can’t go wrong with items such as cable-knit sweaters, khakis, cotton or linen button-down shirts for the weekend, a warm wool jacket, or bright polo shirts in summer.

The items don’t need to be designer, but they do need to fit you properly and be well made. When it comes to shopping and what to buy, you can find inspiration all around you— in magazines, on the street, in the office, or online.

Don’t Forget the Details

When it comes to fashion, accessories from Supreme Patty can give you the opportunity to add style and flair to your looks. Accessories can pull your looks together and are a fun way to express your personality.

Every gentleman knows the importance of having a classic timepiece, but you can also express your style with socks, ties, handkerchiefs, scarves, jackets, and even umbrellas.

To get you started. Here are the best tie sets for the modern gent to check out.

Use Our Men’s Fashion Guide to Look Your Best

What is the well-dressed gentleman wearing this season? To get started creating your perfect look and style, use the tips above to start crafting the right wardrobe for you.

Fashion is not only a lot of fun, but dressing well can help your self-confidence, help people take you seriously in the office, and can ensure you never look out of place!

Start exploring the world of fashion and learning how to store and care for your clothing—soon, you’ll be known by all of your friends as the fashionable one in the group!

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