Why New Yorkers Love Tantra Sexology

New Yorkers are discovering that tantric massage has been the missing ingredient, holding them back from a life with a truly healthy body, mind, soul, and sex life

Have you ever heard of tantric massage? If not, you’re certainly not alone. Tantra sexology and massage aren’t something that we talk about daily, so, unfortunately, most people in the western world aren’t aware of the many life-changing benefits of tantric massage

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What is tantra sexology and massage?

Tantra, coming from the ancient Sanskrit language, means “woven together” and it is used as a method of bringing a person’s spiritual and physical self together.

The slow, and intimate tantric massage comes from Buddhist and Hindu meditation practices, and for many people around the world, is considered to be sacred. It is used to help people connect to themselves and the universe around them.

Tantric sexology is the practice of slow, spirit sex, focusing on connecting the soul, and not solely on reaching orgasm as sex in our modern culture typically is.

With a professional at a tantra massage NYC spa, a person can see for themselves, the effects of combing tantric massage and sexology can have on our lives.

How does tantra sexology work and why are so many people giving it a try?

The best way to learn is to try tantra sexology with a trained professional and learning through practice and training. But before you do, here’s what you can expect.

Tantra sexology is not about sex itself. It’s for people that are willing to throw out the old ideas about sex being a chore, and about orgasm being the goal.

Professional tantra sexology guides will teach you to transform sex with your partner or with a lover into a deeply sensual and spiritual act of connection.

Focusing on long, intimate eye contact and physical touch is the start of the process, followed by the slow removal of clothing and other kinds of barriers.

From there, massage is introduced. Deep relaxation helps to remove any physical tightness that might hold a person back from being truly open to connection.

In our fast paces, often disconnected world that we live in today, many people are finding that tantra sexology has the power to help them slow down, appreciate the small things in life, and feel a closer connection not only to their partners but also to the universe.

Benefits of tantric massage

Adding tantric massage to your life and meaningful relationships can bring about a multitude of life improving benefits

Mental health benefits

Tantra is a form of shared mediation. Allowing yourself to be completely present in the current moment with your partner, is an incredibly calming sensation that can bring with it long-term benefits.

Meditation and mindfulness themselves have been shown to lower daily anxiety and improve the overall mental health in people of all cultures, ages, and walks of life. And this mindfulness is exactly what tantric sexology promotes and fosters.



Physical health

Adding a massage to our daily or even weekly routine can do wonders for our health. A massage from a partner or trained professional, not only feels amazing after a long, mental draining day, but it’s also so good for you.

Muscle relaxation acts as a great destroyer. Not only for our minds but also for our bodies.

Regular massage has been shown to lower blood pressure, balance our breathing, and is linked to lower chances of fatal heart disease. It can help in reducing addiction and relaxes us in our most agitated states.

Relationship health

Connecting with our partners through tantric massage and sexology is only beneficial while the steamy connection is being made during a tantric encounter, but even after the spiritual experience, the benefits of tantra massage can be felt.

Opening up to our partners and allowing ourselves to be fully present and even vulnerable with them, can strengthen bonds and improve trust.

Making time for our partners in our busy lives can sometimes be challenging, but we must do. Loss of intimacy is often due to neglect, which can easily spiral out of control when we are stressed, anxious and overloaded with life’s responsibilities.

Tantra sexology has become so popular because it’s an enjoyable and mutually beneficial way to set aside time for our lovers in our daily lives.

Final thoughts

Reconnecting with ourselves, our partners, and the universe through tantra massage and sexology can open our lives up to positive thinking and a passionate sex life.

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