Talking About Leaving Home: Hard Conversations With Aging Parents

Caring for aging parents at home places a lot of stress on the children, especially if there’s only one child or only one child available to help. Caring for aging parents requires time, resources, patience, and lots of mental strength. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, or if you’re unable to care for them properly, then it might be time to have a difficult discussion with them about leaving their house to enter an assisted living facility.

Hard Conversations With Aging Parents
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It’s not easy to leave the comfort of your home. For this reason and a few others, many aging parents will feel reluctant to leave. There are a few ways to ensure you have the conversation and it goes as smoothly as possible, however.

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Stay Patient

The first thing to remember is to stay patient. This might be a multiple-day conversation. You might not come to a solution the first time you discuss it with them.

Start out slow and expect to have more than one conversation about the topic. You should also expect your parent/parents to push back against the idea. Imagine being told to move out of your home.

It’s normal, so it’s important to take things one step at a time rather than try to force anything. They might warm up to the idea sooner than you think.

Listen as Well

As much as you want them to listen to you and your reasonings behind why you believe an assisted living facility is best, make sure to listen to them as well. What are some of the concerns they have? How can you help them feel more at ease about the situation.

If they don’t ask questions on their own, then consider asking them a few questions yourself such as, “what worries you the most about leaving your home,” and other similar questions. When they feel heard, they might be more likely to make the move as long as their questions are answered.

Do Research

Before you decide on a facility, make sure to do your research. Not all facilities offer the same type of care or amenities. You want to find one that offers the type of amenities and services that your parents want and need.

For example, you can visit a few websites such as, and a few others to determine what’s offered and what’s not. You should also take your time to ensure the one you choose has great reviews. This will give you and your parents peace of mind.

You Can Have Difficult Conversations With Aging Parents

Having a conversation about leaving the home with your aging parents is difficult. You can have these difficult conversations with your parents when you know the proper steps to take. Use the helpful information given in this guide above to get you through this tough discussion and find the safest option for your parents.

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