The Best Retirement Home in Ottawa for Senior Living

As we get older, we want to be assured that we’ll be able to live our later years in comfort. Many independent care and retirement facilities across Canada offer this peace of mind. In the Ottawa County area, there is no shortage of such quality facilities.

There is a broad selection of retirement facilities in this area. We’ll focus on a few of the best selections.

Retirement Home Living Basics


When moving into an Ottawa retirement facility, it helps to be aware of the basics of senior care living. Many people in their later years choose to live in retirement facilities, enjoying the many amenities and quality-of-life support services these places provide. To have peace of mind that you’ll be taken care of by compassionate staff, places such as the Lasalle County Nursing Home are a blessing that many seniors desire. Before choosing a retirement home in Ottawa, definitely consider some of the basic things to know when choosing between retirement facilities.

Consider what type of retirement home or community that you want to move into. There are two categories for these types of living costs associated with such living choices. The first includes care (and services), and the second is accommodation (rent). This will help you to decide how much money you’ll be paying for your place to live. Also, consider what levels of care you’ll be receiving. You want a compassionate staff to help you with your daily living at a retirement facility. The question arises, though, if are they offering the services of physical therapists, memory care services, or more medical-related services.

The levels of care can vary for residents from all walks of life. Lastly, location is key when going over the basics of retirement home living in Ottawa. Maybe you’re looking for long-term care homes in downtown Ottawa or independent care facilities in the suburbs of this area. Consider the location of facilities such as Stirling Park Retirement Community, Riverstone Retirement Communities, Bradley Gracious Retirement Living, and Lasalle County Nursing Home. Figure out where might be best to live based on your daily needs. These are but a few basic ideas that should be tackled when considering retirement home living.

Best Ottawa Retirement Home

There is a wide selection of great retirement facilities in Ottawa County. Many of these places include amenities such as indoor heated saltwater pools, demonstration kitchens, movie theaters, heated underground parking, and rooftop patios. Other amenities include hair salons, a community fitness center, lounges, libraries, and private dining rooms. Some of the best independent living facilities in the Ottawa county area include Stirling Park Retirement Community, Riverstone Retirement Communities, Bradley Gracious Retirement Living, and Lasalle County Nursing Home.

The costs of living in a wonderful place such as these can vary. On average, a person can spend anywhere between $3,000 and $6,000 per month to live in retirement homes in Ottawa. Location, amenities, and the size of the retirement homes can all play a part in how much a person will pay. Overall, some of the best retirement homes or independent living communities that Canada has to offer can be found in Ottawa.

Pros of Retirement Home Living

Retirement Home in Ottawa for Senior Living
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When you decide to move into an independent living facility in Ottawa, there are many benefits that come with this decision. Living in retirement communities requires minimal maintenance on your part. Yard and home maintenance are outsourced to maintenance staff. They’ll take care of such home maintenance issues as stove repairs, unclogging drains, and roof repairs.

In addition to this retirement, home living is great for your social life. You’ll be surrounded by other seniors, who eventually become extended family members. Interacting with these other residents in a variety of social activities can do wonders for your physical, mental, and emotional states. Consider moving into an Ottawa retirement home to partake in the many benefits that these communities offer.

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