Here’s How You Can Know She’s Interested In You

Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship, or something simpler, life can be tough as a man if you can’t tell that a woman is interested in you. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

I know what you’re probably thinking “It’s impossible to understand women.” Nope. Not true. Human psychology exists, even for women, and once you understand it, it will be your secret weapon in fulfilling all of your love life’s objectives.

So, if you’re ready to mind hack your way to a better love life, keep reading. I’m about to show you five ways you can tell that she’s interested in you.

she is interested in you

1. Body Language

Okay, let’s start by getting the big one out of the way first; body language. Reading a person’s body language is something that takes practice, and there can be false positives in some cases. The key is looking for consistency.

Here are a few body language signs that can indicate that a woman is interested in you:

    • Stroking her hair while taking to you
    • Initiating bodily contact
    • Open posture (not folding arms, stuff like that)
    • Laughing at your jokes (even bad ones)
    • Frequent eye contact
    • Tries to be physically close to you

If you notice a woman displaying this sort of behavior towards you on a consistent bases, then she probably has a thing for you. Keep a level head though. If she only does one or two of these behaviors, and not very often, then it’s probably a false alarm.

The best way to pick up on these body language signals, you have to go on a lot of dates to make it your second nature. And for that, you will have to get a lot of dates lined up through dating apps or hookup apps. You should check out a list of some of the best apps on Maxim for that.

2. Compliments You Often

Speaking of false alarms, this one probably leads to more of them than any other factor. A guy will get a compliment from a woman and suddenly think they’re head over heels for him. Not true in most cases.

Once again, the key here is consistency. Notice how she compliments you and how often. If she’s doing it often enough, and in a way that it makes you seem like a “catch,” then chances are she’s into you.

Remember, women do not want to date someone that they, or their friends, consider to be a loser. By giving you compliments on a consistent basis, a woman may be communicating to you that you meet her standards.

3. Makes Time to Spend Time with You

Similar to how women don’t want to date losers that would negatively impact their social status, they also won’t waste their time hanging out with men they’re not attracted to. This is just a fact.

Now, you may be thinking that your crush hangs out with you all the time in group settings, but that doesn’t count. We’re talking one on one here. If a woman is into you, she will make time to hang out with you one on one.

This doesn’t just have to be in person. If a woman is spending time with you in other ways, such as long text chats, long phone calls, or playing online videogames with you, she’s clearing making an effort to be around you and get noticed.

Here’s an experiment you can try. If there is a woman who spends this kind of time with you, and you’re not interested in her, let her know that she’s in your “friend zone.” If she suddenly stops spending time with you, then she was probably attracted to you.

4. She Initiates Contact / Conversations

Sure, some women are wallflowers, but it is in a women’s nature to pursue, while it’s in a man’s nature to be pursued. Forgetting this basic fact that’s literally coded into our DNA has led many men astray when it comes to their love lives.

The truth is that most women who are into you will try some means of initiating contact in order to put themselves on your radar. This could be making sure they work the same shift as you at work, or suddenly getting into a videogame or sports team you like.

You see, when a woman pursues you, it isn’t overt, it’s subtle. Which is why you’re reading this article, right? Anyway, a woman that’s suddenly making an effort to talk to you, or be around you, is probably interested in being more than just your friend.

5. How Much Attention She’s Paying You

So, how do you know if a woman is into you if you’re in a group setting? This can be a little tricky, since you may not know whether she’s around for your sake, or because she just likes hanging out with the group as whole.

And of course, if she’s your co-worker, then she kind of must be there whether she likes it or not. That’s just the way it is.

The key to figuring out if a woman is interested in you in a group setting is by gauging how much attention she pays to you. If she’s paying you the most attention, then that’s a very clear signal that she’s interested in you.

Some women aren’t that forward though, and some may even be shy about showing their interest. In these cases, she’ll likely be paying attention in other ways, such as stealing glances at you when you’re turned away or talking to others in the group about you when you’re not around.

The good news is that if a woman is into you in a group setting, someone else in the group may just straight up tell you. This makes things a lot simpler and puts the ball in your court.

What to Do Once You Know

Once you know that a woman is interested in you, what do you do next? That all depends on what level of relationship you want, if any. If you’re not interested in her, there are ways to put an end to it, such as displaying avoidant behavior, or making it clear she’s in your friendzone.

If you are interested, ask her out. Simple as that. Even though it’s a woman’s nature to pursue, the man is pretty much always expected to be the one to ask her out. That’s just the way it is.

I know it can be intimidating, but as long as you keep in mind the signs that show a woman is into you, you’ll be able to get a good read on the situation, and minimize the chances you’ll be rejected.

And even if you do get rejected, don’t let it bother you. There are always more fish in the sea. There are better fish in the sea. So go get em’ champ!

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