Finally, Decoded: What Women Want From Their Relationships?

How many times have you heard phrases like it is impossible to understand a woman or I have no idea what she wants from me? If yes, and you feel the same, this article is just the right thing for you.

Sure, you can always ask a woman you are dating what she is feeling and expecting out of a relationship. But let’s be honest, it is easier said than done. Women are often mistaken for complex beings. You’ll be surprised to know that the path to a woman’s heart is very simple. You just have to make some observations, communicate and take care of her. And everything will fall right back into place.

Fortunately, here we have listed some things about what women really want in their relationship. But first, you should know that every individual has a different personality; not all women would like to have everything mentioned below. You need to pick the ones that suit your girlfriend’s personality the best.

what women want

Sometimes all you have to do is listen

One of the most essential things in a relationship is to listen to what your partner has to say. Plus, if you want to figure out what your girlfriend or wife wants from you, listening to her can solve half of your confusion. But you should also know that being an intuitive and empathetic listener will be of no use until you become a present listener.

For instance, when she pauses in her conversation, that’s your cue to respond. It shows how closely you are listening to her. And remember, nodding is not enough. Try to be as much interested and compassionate as you can in her life, and she’ll start feeling that you are a part of her life. Even if she narrates everything about her day in detail, try to listen as patiently as possible. Ask her open-ended questions such as how things are dwelling at work or what she did all day. Resist the urge to offer solutions until she asks you to. It’s just going to land you in trouble afterward.

Be close to her and not in a creepy way

No woman wants to date someone who makes her feel unsafe all the time. Did you know that 23.5% of Canadian women file a request for divorce on the ground of domestic abuse and sexual assault? Yes, that’s right!

The only thing women want in their relationship is to have a partner who respects their private space and cares for them. The rule applies in your private moments too. You need to understand the simple basics of consent about literally everything in a relationship. You lose your woman emotionally the minute you disrespect her decisions and shame her for it. This is something you should consider while exploring the limits of your intimate relationship.

Speaking of…

NEVER miss a chance to show affection

Women just love it when their partners go crazy for them. Try treating her the way you used to treat her when she met you, and your relationship wouldn’t go low on passion and excitement EVER. Flirt with her, compliment her, and tell her how lucky you are to have her in your life.

Sweep her off her feet by kissing her when she least expects it. You can also consider being affectionate and romantic in your bedroom. Take help from those lovey-dovey movies and videos and do something new for your special moments. You can always use rose petals, adult toys, sexy dresses, and lingeries to have an unforgettable night of passion with your girlfriend. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that many couples are opting for Sex Toys in Canada to take their romance and excitement to a whole new level. So, you can consider using them to please your woman in the bedroom.

Focus on emotional intimacy

The best part of being in a relationship is having someone to talk to and share your problems without any fear of judgment. It won’t be wrong if you consider your partner your best friend for life. That’s the foundation of creating emotional intimacy with your girlfriend or wife. And women crave emotional intimacy the most.

If you feel that hiding your personal or professional problems from the love of your life can help you keep everything safe in your relationship, then you can’t be more wrong. Your girlfriend or wife just wants to be there for you through thick and thin. And involving her in your life as much as possible is the best way to show her that you depend on her for support. Obviously, it would be better if you seek help from a professional therapist in case you feel the problems are beyond your control. But try to keep your partner in the loop and tell everything about your decisions. Remember, emotional intimacy is one of the things that can help your relationship in the long run.

Take responsibility for your mistakes

When it comes to relationships, you have to turn a blind eye to some irritating habits and stop fighting over petty arguments. Keep on blaming each other for the flaws in your relationship, and you’ll end up parting ways in no time. If you fear losing your partner, make sure you start taking your relationship seriously. According to relationship counselors, humans are naturally wired to protect themselves. This, in turn, leads to defensive behavior.

You might have noticed that sometimes you feel a bit on guard whenever your girlfriend or wife is talking about something. You might feel a bit on guard to provide clarifications. The defense mode gets activated when she starts accusing you of something. That’s exactly what you need to change. Start taking responsibility for your mistakes, and half of your relationship issues will get resolved automatically. There’s no shame in admitting your mistakes, especially in front of your lady love.

Wrapping Up

You might even want to make up for your mistakes and negligence by bringing home expensive gifts for your woman thinking she’ll forget everything. But that’s the wrong approach. If a woman truly loves you, she won’t be interested in such materialistic things. All she wants is your respect, emotional intimacy, and a little bit of appreciation. So, now that you know what a woman truly wants in a relationship try to fulfill her expectations as efficiently as possible.

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