Getting Prepared to Try Sex Toys

As a whole, sex toys can be as exciting as they can be terrifying. For a lot of people, the prospect of having to learn how to use them can seem quite scary, especially if you do not have a more experienced partner to provide guidance or keep you from doing anything dangerous.

Whether you’re nervous about even looking up guides or just want to be sure that you’re keeping yourself safe, understanding how to use sex toys is important. Of course, before you can even learn how to use them, you need to know how to prepare your body.

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Understand the Toy

The most important part of prep work is understanding what the toy actually does. Read a manual or do some online research to get a basic idea of how the toy is meant to work, especially if you weren’t really sure when you initially bought it.

This includes things like charging and varying settings for vibrating toys. While these might not have anything to do with the pleasure itself, you still want to have a fully-charged toy and understand how you can adjust the settings to suit your body’s preferences.

While some designs might be more common than others, there are a lot of unique toys out there that offer their own specific features or have a custom design. Do not push yourself: take things step by step and give your body time to gradually get used to what you are doing, even if it takes multiple weeks to reach the toy’s full potential.

Take Precautions

Sex toys are meant to at least vaguely emulate sex, so you need to take most of the same precautions. That means lubricant, proper positioning, and, most importantly, a way to quickly call things off if you aren’t comfortable with what’s happening.

Even if you’re using your new toy alone, you still need to prepare for the chance that something might go wrong. For a vibrator, this isn’t much of a problem, but bondage gear or toys that focus on restraining or pushing your limits could backfire if you don’t have an easy way to get back out.

Always lubricate, and don’t rush yourself. Adding lube is incredibly important, but you also don’t want to try and force an entire dildo into your body with no prior experience. Start small and work your way up, especially if you aren’t particularly experienced with sex in general.

Always Read More Details

You can never be too prepared when dealing with sex toys, especially not things like vibrators that aren’t just fully-manual toys. The more you read about using them properly, the easier it becomes to ensure that you’re getting the correct information, especially since there may be multiple ways to use certain toys.

For example, many articles about using vibrators properly – click here for a great example, courtesy of Hotspot – don’t just explain how to use a standard vibrator. In this example, the article covers multiple types, as well as the physical designs and the way that they are meant to be used.

Even something as simple as knowing the differences in materials can be important, along with details like the different settings or the techniques that they recommend. Once you get into more serious territory, like penetration advice, more advice from reputable sources is always useful.

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