Digital Recruitment And The Rise of HR Tech: A Revolution In Making

A few years ago, you wouldn’t have imagined that your digital existence would become so important for survival, especially if you are involved with recruitment field.  It is important that you have an online status more than ever. He industries and businesses have adopted the same approach for marketing and increasing their business.

The recruitment industry has long been ruled by age-old principles and methods of recruiting talent. Digital is driving that segment of the industry too now. HR tech is the buzz word among both, the recruiters and the technology entrepreneurs. Together they are shaping the HR industry and there are obviously two sides to this coin too. It is constructive in many senses and disruptive and some sense too.

Let us analyze each upheaval and its outcomes together to summarize the current trends in the talent management industry.

Testing Tools And Outsourcing

Technical testing tools and HR assessment tools are being hired as experts in the tech industry have taken over the HR needs and developed algorithms to replace them. There is no need for manual or intellectual labor to be undertaken.

They now manage the whole questionnaire management and report making for you. You just have to give them your needs for the same. Whether it is cloud-based online testing software or application tracking system (ATS software) they have a solution to every project.

The drawback of this type of digitization happens when there is a compromise in quality. When the testing questions aren’t proper, the tracking system is not accurate and you lose valuable candidates, when cheating and scamming happens and the online algorithm fails and many such reasons. Thus, from a heap of service providers, it is necessary to choose a pinch of really helpful experts.

AI In Recruitment

AI in recruitment

AI in recruitment is present in every step of the digital recruitment strategy. Screening is the most useful aspect of AI development in recruitment. A huge number of candidates can be screened at once. Not only the resumes, social media sites, networking sites are also accessed for the same.

Most recruiters believe AI has reduced their workload and also increased their efficiency of recruitment. HR companies are the major benefactors among this AI rise in recruitment. But while AI can do the work of humans, there comes a human concept of flaws too. AI sometimes leads to bias and is yet to be perfect with the new machine learning programs in the market.

Mobile Reach

Mobile has now become the primary source of internet access. When one is going digital, he cannot forget the contribution he needs to give to the mobile strategy development. Mobile reach can be attained by adapting responsive websites, reaching out on web applications, using online portals for testing and mobile-friendly promotion.

Social Media And Sourcing

digital recruitment

The HR market has now turned into a candidate-driven market. You need to find the right candidate. The talents and skills are now not dependent on the degree he or she holds. So, it should be more of a talent quest than a recruitment drive.

Social media is a great solution contributor to that problem. When you put forward your brand, your company and your needs on social media correctly you get the best of output in the least of efforts. You just need to be consistent in the process of developing the image. Moreover, if you want to give more focus to this, you might need an external recruiter’s help to develop an effective online recruitment strategy. They can build up proper social media awareness of your company’s brand to get the attention of the best candidates.

LinkedIn, Twitter and many such platforms are widely accepted social media platforms for sourcing purposes. You may also get online portfolio sites like GitHub for getting a detailed review before sourcing. These sourcing sites have essentially reduced the efforts for sourcing candidates for any position and are reaping even more quality results.

Big Data And Algorithms

Big data is the new oil! You must have heard it and some must-have experienced it too. Companies are getting competitive and investing more in big data than any other thing. It is a market in itself. Big data also helps in recruitment too. It acts as a reference point in analyzing in ATS systems, it helps in funneling the candidates and many more.

It is the new oil, it means it comes with the complication of handling and managing. Big data, when used effectively, helps in the recruitment process very well. Today most companies use data analytics to avoid human mistakes, save time and money.

Global Reach And Video Interviews

Digital recruitment has the comfort and convenience involved in the process. That convenience makes the recruitment process more effective. It increases your base candidates’ list by including global candidates and rising the overall quality you need for the post.

Video interviews are also a trend when the time of both parties is saved and is much hassle-free. While they are convenient, they can also be misleading in a way and technology makes it way there also. There are AI tools to be used when such interviews and tests are conducted globally. Supervision is provided by these online tools widely.

Marketing Your Needs

And finally, in the end, it all leads to how you put forward your demand. Marketing your need becomes essential and crucial at every stage. In this digital age, there has been a boom in marketing platforms for displaying recruiting advertisements including Neurodiversity hiring. Recruitment Ads are now strategically placed on social media platforms, networking platforms and on search engines too.

In this age, browsers like Google are also helping in sorting and aggregating jobs for any recruiter. Now when using search engines like that, you should be focusing on the SEO of your website and your social media.

The digital age has created a revolutionary image in the HR tech industry, and those who are adopting this trend are going to win for sure. The only question that should arise in your mind is “How far should I indulge in Digital Recruitment?”

Author Bio: Jenny Watson is a technology enthusiast. She is studying the rise of technology integrations in every field, including the trends in human resources management. She is an avid reader, knowledge seeker and a content aficionado.

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