5 Ways How Fashion Psychology Can Raise You Mentally

We are what we wear is a common saying that intends to associate the attitudes and confidence of people in relation to the clothes they are wearing. In truth, for first impressions, people tend to make snappy judgments about you based on your fashion including your self image, and the brief assessment goes beyond your clothes and factors in how clean and tidy you look.

Very few people understand how people around us interpret our fashion choice, or how the impression we are going for differs with what is actually conveyed. This implies that a majority of people are yet to grasp the concepts of fashion psychology.

Simply put, fashion psychology is a fusion of the science of psychology and the fashion industry to create a therapeutic tool to get desired results in the development and growth of an individual’s behavior, perception and moods.

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1. Enclothed Cognition in self image

This defines the effect our clothes have on our emotions, attitudes, self-evaluations and interpersonal interactions. Clothes can affect your behavior because of the symbolic meaning already attached to different types of attires. Some are powerful, others fun. Some portray innocence while others convey grief. Based on the occasion, different colors could convey different emotions and moods. An example is a way people wear black dresses for funerals or a casual white dress for weekend social gatherings like weddings and birthday parties.

2. What You Think of Your Choice of Wardrobe Matters

If you are dressed in clothing that portrays intelligence, you tend to act smart. People think of doctors and pilots as smart because of the uniform they wear. People who wear uniforms are more attentive and conscious of their duties. Any clothing associated with a certain profession activates the knowledge and thinking of people behavior to match the expected behavior of people from that profession. For instance, wearing a lab coat during an experiment increases your focus and attention to match doctors and scientists making you have fewer mistakes.

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3. Mend your Attitude with Proper Clothes

Dressing the part is an attitude problem half solved. Sometimes you may feel less motivated to hit the gym or to work out because you are not dressed in clothes that make you feel active. Bodybuilders are encouraged to wear bodybuilding workout clothes to make them feel energized and active. Wearing workout gear makes you develop healthy choices as it creates a mental focus inclined to make you achieve your exercising goals. Having your gym clothes on makes you more likely to go for a workout.

4. Clothes that Cheer You Up

You either dress according to how you feel or dress according to how you want people to think you feel. People who are happy or going for a happy event tend to wear clothes with bright colors because they already feel invigorated and happy. But if you are down and want to cheer up wearing clothes that make you feel better will actually make you feel better. You can do this by wearing clothes that already gave you compliments in the past. Such clothing brings back pleasant memories. Nevertheless, becoming a fan of sustainable fashion can help to save the environment and our planet.

5. Self image: Confidence from Within

Power and confidence can sometimes come from hidden sources. Your underwear can influence your confidence levels and even change your perception making you become more self-assured. Underwear can make you feel powerful and confident. For example, having flashy happy socks can make you feel powerful and ready when preparing for a presentation. To a woman, sexy lingerie can go a long way to elevate you mentally if you are insecure with your body. Some people feel they attract good luck when they wear particular underwear.

This indicates that fashion psychology is not limited to what your wardrobe makes others think about you but also stretches your awareness on the clothes that make you express yourself freely in the way you want others to think about you.

Fashion psychology, therefore, is about improving your self-image. You can improve your self image by copying another person’s style or you can develop your own style from scratch. When you copy the dress styles of people you admire or consider smart, you feel a general mix that makes you own the qualities and personalities of these people. In the end, fashion is all about wearing clothes that bring out our best qualities.

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