Can I Store Solar Power?

Solar power has become increasingly popular, and the trend is not expected to slow down anytime soon. One of the most common questions we get about this renewable energy system is ‘can I store solar power?’.

This guide takes a look at solar power battery storage so you can be informed when choosing to install a new solar power system or upgrade an old one.

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Can I store Solar Power?

The short answer is yes! That being said, not any old solar power system has the functionality to do this. In order to hold additional solar power, you will need a specific system that has storage capacity.

What are the benefits of storing solar power?

Solar power systems offer a whole range of benefits, and the addition of storage only enhances these.

Firstly, the use of solar power can help to significantly reduce your electricity bills. Making the most of excess power by storing it for later use can help drive down these savings even further!

Secondly, solar power is a renewable energy source and therefore, it is better for the environment than traditional electricity methods. If you are looking to truly minimise your carbon footprint, saving your excess solar energy is a great way to do this. You can access this resource when you need to rather than letting it go to waste. It means you’ll never need to tap into a power grid or mains electricity.

Finally, storing solar power will provide you with total comfort. You’ll no longer find yourself inconvenienced by power blackouts or outages on the primary grid as you’ll have your very own supply of solar power.

What do I need to store solar power?

We’ve mentioned that you need a solar power system designed for storage to collect and store solar power, but what exactly does that mean? Well, to store solar power, you will need a system with a solar power battery. The rest of the system is likely to consist of typical components such as solar panels to collect energy from the sun, an inverter to convert this energy into useable electricity, and a tracking system that will monitor the production and usage of electricity.

The addition of a solar power battery will give your system the capacity to store energy. When your solar panels collect more energy than what is being used, the battery will gather the excess and store it so that it can be used later. This means you will have an additional energy source to draw upon if grid electricity is out or the sun isn’t shining.

The amount of power that can be stored is dependent on the size of your battery. If you are wondering what size solar power battery you need, give us a call today, and we can discuss your situation.

If you seek to enhance your solar power system to further drive down your electricity bills, help the environment or cover yourself for power outages, get in touch today for a comprehensive discussion regarding solar power storage.

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