Team Building: buying an electric go kart

Go karting is a lot of fun! You can either duke it out with your friends, race your go kart or just enjoy a leisurely (or not so leisurely) ride. The decision to buy your own go kart can be daunting, though, because it’s a big commitment to buy one. Electric Go kart racing has made its significant impact on the sport’s spectacle over the years. In fact, it was on 21st January 1958 when Johnny King came up with a unique design of go-kart that created one of the first successful electric go-karts. These days, you can find several stores that offer this product for sale to interested buyers. However, before you get out your wallet for the latest trendy toy, there are certain reasons that you should take into consideration when making your purchase.

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Go for a cheap deal

One reason that people tend to shy away from electric go karts is the weight. There are some models that weigh in excess of 250 pounds. The concern is that because they are heavier, the go kart will not perform as well. While this could be true with any model, several companies such as JACO Racing and E-Racer produce lightweight go karts. JACO Racing states its kart weighs approximately 145 pounds while E-racer boasts a weight of 140 pounds.

Gas go karts, of course, need to be regularly maintained with oil changes and tuning. Not only that, but gas go karts can be a bit messy for those not accustomed to dealing with gasoline. Those who are sensitive to gasoline should probably steer clear of such a model.

Some people simply don’t want the hassle of paying for gas and having to deal with the smell of gasoline. If you are preparing your tea for the next challenge, you need to enroll in some team-building activities in Melbourne.

Safer and secure

Electric go karts do not contain any internal combustion engines. Therefore, fires are not an issue.   Electric go karts also contain no internal combustion engine internals, such as spark plugs or pistons.  Thus, wear and tear on the kart itself is vastly decreased.

As you may well know, being near open flames and fires can be very dangerous or deadly. This is where electric karts have the advantage over gas karts since they don’t produce an open flame or explosive fuel. They also require no special safety training or certification to use them since all you need is a set of keys for ignition.

Environment friendly

Everyone wants to do their bit when it comes to going green. There are many ways to keep the environment in mind as you live your life, but one thing that often slips people’s minds is their mode of transport. An electric go kart is cleaner for the environment than a gas-powered kart because it doesn’t release carbon dioxide into the air. There are many benefits of electric go kart for the environment aside from not burning gas and releasing toxins into the atmosphere.

An electric go kart will reduce your dependence on foreign oil and the environment. If you are tired of the high prices at the pump, then it is time you got an electric go kart.

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