Travel hats for men that are suitable for various climates

To satiate your wanderlust, it is not just enough to plan the tour meticulously. It is equally important to have the right kind of travel gear, especially for sun protection, that allows you to beat the weather and maximize your enjoyment. When you set out on your next adventure, you must have some hats in your bag, whether you are traveling to a sun-kissed tropical paradise or a wonderland of icy terrains. Since hats are available for all occasions, you must focus on Mens travel hats only as it would be like choosing horses for courses.

Before you start sifting through the different hats, gather knowledge about what makes a good travel hat and its important features. Besides, you must know which styles suit life on the road and then get ready to buy your chosen products online by logging on to First and foremost, be sure about your hat size by referring to some online sizing chart that guides you through the process.

travel hats

What to look for in travel hats

The most crucial requirement for any travel hat is that it must be an all-weather hat capable of withstanding the varied weather conditions that you are likely to experience while traveling.  Secondly, it should be lightweight and easy to carry, for which the foldable types are most convenient. Lastly, the hat must have a wide brim to offer better sun protection.

Weatherproof – Choose the hat according to the weather of your destinations. If you are traveling to some tropical countries that generally have a lot of sunshine, choose a sun hat material with a high UPF rating. Choose a hat made from some fabric that offers protection from the UV rays of the sun. The fabric must have the ability to cut off the harmful UV rays and keep your head and face protected. The hat should at least have a UPF 50 rating, and higher is still better. If you expect rain and cold weather during your travel, then your hat material should be water-proof or water repellent so that you get adequate protection from the elements of weather.

Crushable – Although called crushable hats, these are foldable hats ideally suited to pack it along with your other baggage while it occupies minimal space. You can not only fold the material to carry in your backpack but even scrunch it to fit in your handbag while the hat can regain its shape once you take it out from the bag. Although there will be some creasing and wrinkling, the hat will acquire the right shape and be ready to wear whenever you want. From straw hats to cotton baseball caps to wool fedoras, crushable hats are available in many styles.

Wide brim – Consider the extent of sun protection you need to decide on the width of the brim, which can be a maximum of 3 inches. Such hats provide shade to the face and the upper part of the torso up to the shoulder lever.  Narrower brims offer reduced coverage as they might only keep your face protected from the sun. If you prefer narrow brim hats, use sunscreen in plenty to protect the uncovered parts of the body.

Here are some travel hats for men that are both stylish and effective.

Timray by Indiana Jones

The safari hat made from cotton is a winner in all kinds of destinations- warm and cold.  Masculinity prevails in the design that is evident from the deep center crease of the crown, upturn brim, and grosgrain band. Expect plenty of sun protection from the 3″ brim, and for a comfortable fit, you can depend on the cotton sweatband that allows you to wear the hat with ease throughout the day.

Bristol by Scala

The elegant looking Fedora hat defies the notion that travel hats lack elegance as it carries the usual classy looks of Fedoras that match all kinds of outfits. The relaxed fit of the hat with a not so wide brim (23/8“) is ideal for wearing around the year but especially meant for cold weather due to the felt that contains water repellent wool. The pinched crown of the Fedora makes it more pliable and makes it easy to pack when you set out on your travel.

Switchback by Stetson

The unmatched versatility of the Switchback hat originates from the blend of styles which is a mixture of various hat styles like a bucket hat, bonnie hat, and sunhat all rolled into one.  Look no further beyond Switchback if you are searching for the perfect outdoor cap. The nylon material of the hat makes it super flexible, and the 2.5″ brim offers excellent sun protection as the neck flaps provide added protection.

The chin cord and the moisture wicking sweatband ensure higher comfort when sweating it out in the open.

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