Should You Bet Against Your Own Team?

Sports betting is one of the most lucrative betting industries in the world, and you can place a bet on almost any situation or outcome within a match. With so many bets available, one of the main questions debated by fans is whether you should ever bet against your own team.

Some fans will be steadfast in their belief that you should never bet against your own team, as it shows disloyalty. However, other fans take a more pragmatic approach; if you know your team will not win a certain fixture, there is no reason not to make some money from that situation while still supporting the team.

against your team

Placing a Sports Bet

Placing a sports bet is not a difficult process; you can go into a betting shop and place a bet at the counter using the odds available. Alternatively, you can choose your favorite online betting website and place a bet that way. Online betting also means that you can check several websites to see who is offering the best odds for the bet you want to place.

You can review information on a specific team before placing bets, such as the Liverpool Squad Guide, or review details of a specific player. If you are a staunch better on sports, it could be difficult to decide whether or not to bet against your own team.

Reviewing all of the details of both teams, including who will be playing for each team, what their performance has been during the season so far, and predicted outcomes for the match, will give you an idea of how your bet will go. From there, you will need to decide if betting against your team is what you want to do.

Bets on Your Team

For some sports betters, it is better to miss a potentially high payout bet than it is to bet against your own team. However, some fans do not see that missing out on a sure-thing big winner makes you a better fan of the team.

So, in that case, you have three options when it comes to betting on your own team; only bet when it is a bet to win, bet on anything that you think is a guarantee to win the bet, including losses, or abstain from betting on your own team at all.

A point of view that deserves some consideration is how the team or club is affected by your bet, and in short, they are not impacted. If you are a season ticket holder or buy team merchandise from your club, you are financially supporting the club with your purchases.

Sports betting is not linked to the club financially in any way and is not allowed to be. So if you place a bet which is unlikely to pay out, the only company benefitting is the betting company. Similarly, if you bet against your team, your winnings do not come from club funds, and therefore your club is not losing money from your bet.

Whichever way you choose to bet, if you are placing a bet against your team, we do not recommend you brag about it if you win big.

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