Online Giving: The Basics

With less face-to-face interaction with friends, colleagues, and often family, online giving sites have increased in popularity in recent years. Whether you do not have as much contact with people due to working remotely, moving to a different area from the rest of your family, or busy lives keeping you apart, you can still donate online if you need to.

Online giving pages can be set up for any reason and shared online, or links sent via messages to individuals. We are going to look at some of the most common reasons for online giving pages and how they can be created and used.

online giving

Setting Up an Online Giving Page

There are multiple companies that you can set up an online giving page through, from specific charities to general sites such as GoFundMe. The first step in setting up your online giving page is to choose which site you are going to use.

If you are raising money for a specific charity, you may choose to use their specific website to set up your donation site. However, if you are setting up online giving for churches, schools, or individuals, you may choose a more general site.

It is best to ensure that you are using a verified donation site to ensure that the money you raise gets to where it should be going. To do this, you could ensure that the website you are using has a registered charity attached to it or search for a list of reputable companies to donate through.

After choosing which website you are going to use for online donations, you should create a page to publish on the site. This should include the details of what you are raising money for, why you are raising the money, and any activities you are completing to raise money.

It is always best to include photographs in addition to the words for your donation page, as this will often attract more viewers to a website. You do not need to include a lengthy section regarding the donations, but enough to enable donors to understand what you are doing and why.

Completing the Process

After you have added everything you want to add to the online donation page, it is time to publish the webpage and begin to make others aware of it. The easiest way to spread the word about what you are doing is via social media, even if you do not have a large following yourself.

We recommend that when sharing on your social media platforms, you make any links available to be shared by others. Asking friends and family to donate or just share if they can will help to make more people aware of your donation page.

Social media is free advertising for the online giving page you have created, and depending on the cause, it can generate donations from sympathetic people worldwide whom you have never met. You can include the target amount you need to or are looking to raise, and the site will keep a countdown of how close you are to your goal.

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