Donating Items to A Charity – Some Important Things to Remember

The donation, a symbol of generosity, nobility and compassion, is one of the greatest assets of our society. From the time immemorial people liked to help others. At present, the same noble cause has acquired different forms and means for the convenience of a donor. Now, people can donate anything from household items to money sitting in their home. Though it is easy to donate, to avoid any inconvenience, it is essential to remember some important things before going into it.

Donating Items to A Charity
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There are some common mistakes that most of us do or basic rules we forget about donation. So, have a look at some basic guidelines we should try to follow while giving charity:

Search A Good Charitable Organisation

There are various types of organisations in the market that claim to be charitable. But, sadly, many of them can be charity scams or doing things to earn profit in a deceitful manner. They may create a duplicate building or show false services in the name of donation services. To avoid such frauds, it is important to choose that institute which is authorised by the local government. You can check their authenticity and EIN on the charity navigator site. Check their history, success rate and goals. Make sure, they give a receipt of your donation without delay and explain where your articles are going to be used.

Get Knowledge About the Items That a Charity Do Not Accept

There are different types of charities that accept certain types of items only. Some accept mechanical gadgets while others allow only household items. It is best to choose one that receives a wide variety of objects, appreciate your donation and send them to the right donation centers. You can also check their website for this purpose. Thus, it will become easy for you to declutter things while donating.

Get the Benefit of Tax Deduction

At the moment of donating some high-cost items, it is good to get an estimated valuation of them. According to the condition of the objects, you can consult their cost with a charity or ask your tax preparer. As the experts at MERSGoodwill.org explain, donations are often regarded as tax-free submissions and can also help the donor get privileged tax benefits. After donation, make sure you collect a receipt of them as a proof for a tax deduction.

Donating Items to A Charity
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Give Items to a Charity as Per Their Guidelines

There are some guidelines that every charitable organisation prepares related to receiving items. For them, as well as of your own conveniences, it is good to follow them. Some charities hire employees or volunteers to pick up and drop articles from one place to another. Some include the cost in your charity while others take it separately. Both ways, it is virtuous to respect their process. You can also schedule a pickup and get things ready before their arrival.

Apart from this, it is also essential to avoid donating things which are unworkable or worthless. Some objects such as useless machine parts, torn/stained clothes, broken furniture etc. are hard to accept by any charity. So, separate such types of clutter, and put them into the trash.

Although, most of us are well aware of the above things, yet it is good to take them into account as a reminder for yourself. Make sure that donation proves beneficial and valuable for everyone.

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