Best Advice To Build An Impressive Art Collection On A Budget

Whether you are a seasoned art collector or a newbie, you will probably know that creating a collection can be expensive. You can expect it to pinch your wallet, so having clarity about the budget makes sense. But no one wants to compromise when it comes to building a trove of impressive artwork. Luckily, you can start without worries and grow a collection you will be proud of. You only need a strategic approach to get the best pieces on a budget. Here is some worthy advice to help.

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Choose pieces that make you pause

When budget is a concern, the best way to build a collection you love is by being selective. As a rule, you must pick pieces that make you pause. It is the easiest rule that works for new collectors. It also makes life easy for the seasoned ones. The purpose of art is to evoke emotions, and whatever does it for you is worth owning. This simple method can help you steer clear of pieces not worth your money and pick ones you will not mind spending on.

Pick a genre

Another worthwhile tip for collectors running on a budget is to pick a genre before you can start buying. Think beyond paintings alone, and look for photography, abstract pieces, contemporary works, street art, or any style that works for you. Avoid buying randomly because you may end up with a confused-looking collection that seems like a waste of money. You may switch genres down the line but stick with one at a time.

Know the artists

Knowing the artists in the chosen genre is always a wise approach, and it is even better when you have caps on spending. For example, you can keep an eye on the work of Julie Blackmon, Homegrown, if chasing contemporary art photography. When you filter and focus on a few artists, it gets easy to follow them and find deals on their art pieces. Of course, you can move to other artists after you have enough of the chosen ones.

Buy from the right places

When the money runs tight, buying from the right places can help you pick the best pieces for your collection without spending a fortune. You can look for galleries that connect artists and collectors. Checking their viewing rooms online is a great idea as you can shortlist your pieces and inquire about their prices. This way, you have a fair understanding of the options you can afford.

Know the actual costs

The art collection is an expensive hobby, and most people get surprised when they go shopping. Preparing a budget wisely is about knowing the actual cost of a deal. Remember that it may be more than the price tag of the artwork because you have to spend on overheads like curating, framing, and installing. Art preservation is another expense you cannot skimp on. So make sure you calculate the real cost before sealing the deal.

Creating an art collection on a tight budget is not a mean feat, but it isn’t impossible. Choose wisely, be educated, and build your collection with patience. You will have an incredible one eventually, that too, without shelling a massive amount.

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