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Now that the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic improved and most of the country received the vaccination for it, the US workforce began heading back to the office. You might have enjoyed making yourself a healthy lunch each day while working from home, but how will you continue eating well once you return to the office? Let’s look at the top three available options.

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Your Favorite Food Truck

You can save time by eating something freshly made from your favorite food truck. Of course, your favorite might not serve the healthiest choices. You could locate a food truck that offers those and switch to it. You would need to spend up to $10 per day on lunch with this method, though without knowing the providence of the ingredients or the preparation methods. That impacts how much nutrition the meals would provide.

Once a Week Meal Prep

If you already conduct once-a-week meal prep to provide your child or children with nutritious, tasty meals, you could make enough of their meal menu to feed you and your spouse, too.

Using this method, you chop, cook, and package ingredients on the weekend, then label them by day. Your Monday through Friday meals are ready for the whole week for every member of the family. This means you’ll eat like a little kid though and that might not appeal to you or your spouse.

You can prep two menus, but that requires twice the work. It does guarantee, though, that your whole family gets to eat food they like each weekday for lunch.

Pre-Prepared Meals

Purchasing pre-prepared meals that contain nutritious ingredients and that explain their recipe methods on their website, lets you eat healthily and provide convenience. There are many office lunch catering services like this that you can opt from. You receive home delivery of these types of high-quality meals once per week, such as Sunbasket lunch bowls. You can eat most pre-prepared meals without microwaving them.

Avoiding a Boring Lunch Menu

When you shop via food truck, you’re at the mercy of the chef who planned the menu for the day. When you choose meal prep or pre-prepared meals, you get to set your own menu. You plan it in advance either way, whether you build a shopping list for ingredients or you place an order for pre-cooked meals. This lets you build an exciting menu for yourself and potentially your spouse that you’ll both enjoy.

Advantages of Each Choice

Each of the above options has its advantages. The food truck lunches let you dine on restaurant-quality food brought right to your corner or parking lot. You only need to step outside of your building to grab lunch, which makes it convenient. If you work in an area served by more than one food truck, you have more menu choices. They might not all provide healthy lunches, but you won’t get bored with the menu.

If you prepare your own meals using meal prep, you can choose your own groceries and cook them the way you like. This means you can reduce oil and butter, make healthy sauces, and grill or broil meat instead of frying it.

Choosing pre-made meals lets you purchase ready-to-eat food from a variety of options. You can eat a different dish every day of the week and never have to cook. Most meal services let you choose between gluten-free options, sugar-free options, and low-fat or keto options. That lets you obtain a full week’s menu that suits your dietary needs.

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