5 Topics About Fashion You Can Write Your Dissertation About

Fashion is one of the most personal ideas. Like beauty, it is considered to be in the eyes of the beholder. However, it is interesting to study fashion as an academic subject. You have a lot of trendy topics to explore as well as an opportunity to add your voice to one of the most controversial ideas.

fashion dissertation


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Fashion provides numerous dimensions you can study in your paper. You may choose to discuss the history, identity, or the future of fashion. You may also opt to look at the fabric and influences of iconic fashionistas. Here are the top five fashion topics to consider for your paper.

    1. Is global-reaching media-television, social media, internet, etc, fueling creativity or killing it?
    2. Classic fashion vs trendy creations
    3. The influence of social media in marketing fashion
    4. The value of fashion to the film industry
    5. When fashion fails during huge events

The five topics are just the tip of the iceberg. You can discuss many other topics and submit a dissertation. However, the challenge is the quality of the dissertation you would end up with by discussing some of the topics.

A topic is the heart of any academic paper. It will determine whether people read your paper or will skip the paper. The topic also defines your writing experience because some topics are easy to research while others will present a headache. But what is this that defines the quality of a topic? Here are a few insights to consider when choosing a topic for your dissertation.

Fresh idea

Academic writing requires you to explore new ideas. A new idea promises fresh revelations instead of the same old discussions fashion enthusiasts have had over the years. Choose a new topic that will capture the attention of anyone who sees your paper.

Fresh ideas come from passion. Review your understanding of fashion and see the aspects that have been neglected for a while. Bring these ideas to the limelight through your dissertation. You may also check news items for the latest controversies or discussions in fashion. Further, you may refer to the end of research materials. Authors and researchers recommend further research on areas that they feel are inadequately explored. Such sources give you the most interesting new ideas to consider.

Relevant topic

The topic must be relevant. The first element of relevance is your area of study. If you are studying a unit on fashion in sports or business, the topic should depict such a scope. When it is relevant, it will capture the attention of anyone who lays his hands on your paper.

Relevance also means that you are solving or addressing an existing challenge. Avoid the old and tired topics that have nothing new to add to research in fashion. Even readers will not pay attention to such topics.


Give readers a reason to explore your paper by providing an interesting topic. The subject you choose to discuss and the words you use in your paper determine whether a topic is interesting. Take an interesting angle that arouses curiosity and makes your paper worth reading.


Fashion is so wide that it cannot fit in a single dissertation. The secret is to choose a specific area of study. For instance, if you are studying fashion in sports, identify a personality or sport. If you are looking at the history of fashion, indicate the years. A specific topic helps the reader to develop specific expectations.

The best dissertation topics in fashion are relevant, specific, and fresh. Choose the topic you are passionate about to help you produce an insightful paper. Check research recommendations for ideas on the most relevant fashion topics to discuss.

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