How To Avoid A Fake Locksmith

Are you in dire need of a local locksmith Essex? It’s easy to get into a scam when you rush to google for any local locksmith to come to your rescue. You should maintain the safety of your property before you understand whom to hire. There are many legitimate and trustworthy locksmiths in the market. Imposters and fake locksmiths are also present. Check out the following red flags to avoid scams and loss of your property when hiring a locksmith.

How To Avoid A Fake Locksmith

Check the toll-free phone number

Understand the phone numbers used in your area or state. A company using a strange number like 800 instead of the local one, then it’s a scam. Such numbers will link you to out-of-state locksmiths who will not provide you with the emergency services you need. Ask the customer care call Centre about the duration they will take to be at your place. The time frame should be short in solving an emergency.

The branded company vehicle

Many scam locksmiths will use unbranded and unmarked vehicles. If the locksmith says they work for a certain company, then the car used should have the company name and logo. Failure to have these two, be suspicious and check for another option.

Avoid companies without names

Any company without a legal name is a scam. Please don’t deal with it at any time. The locksmith company should respond to you with a phrase like “locksmith services.” If the company you are to use has a local address, then google that address. When you call, ask about the location to see if they will answer online. Check also if another company is using the same address.


When they come on-site, ask for identification details, including the locksmith license. A legit locksmith company will ask for your identification and proof that you own the house or car.

Be keen on lower prices

A fake locksmith will bait and fix you with low prices and then price gouge when they arrive. They later claim that the work is more complicated and will cost more than the initial quotation. Though price changes are typical, very low quotes at the start can be an indicator of a fake entity to lure you. No company will charge you low and still operate well. They have to carter for transport, tools, and licensing for the business to be afloat.

Verify the price before work starts

An excellent local smith should be transparent in pricing from the start to the end. A good locksmith will give a viable reason for a price change in case of any price change. Don’t allow a locksmith to work before giving a clear written cost breakdown.

Don’t allow lock drilling

If you get locked out, be keen on locksmiths that insist on replacing or drilling your locks. Legitimate locksmiths have the tools and skills necessary to unlock any door.

They give you the option of either replacing or rekeying the lock. Experts only use drilling when opening high-security locks.

Ask questions

Always ask questions to make sure you understand the locksmith well. Ask about their location, how they will access the house, and the process to make your lock. Will they have to drill your lock? Understand the price estimate and the factors that might cause price changes. Ask them about the payment mode if you can pay with a card or cash. Ask about the name of the expert to come. Ask all these questions way before the locksmith arrives at the scene.


If you get scammed in any way, contact the office of the attorney general in your state. They can help recover your funds. Always be keen to avoid the many prevalent scams.

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