Best Streaming Platforms for Music Videos

The old days of music videos being hosted on MTV and VH1 have ended, and the early 90s have ushered in an entourage of platforms for music video distribution. While there previously may have been some controversy surrounding certain streaming sites, the new age of technology has changed the game for music artists worldwide.

There are plenty of reasons to stream your music videos online. It is important however, to investigate what makes a platform the best choice for streaming. Consider the following reasons.

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1 Visibility

Every budding musician and artist need exposure on the great platforms like Apple Music, Vevo, Amazon Music and Tidal. You no longer need an agent, just a talented band and an excellent streaming platform. There is no point in uploading a video to a streaming platform that does not give visibility to your band, artist, or brand.

In addition to the widespread access, the best streaming platforms will allow you to upload entire videos, not just snippets or edited versions. You can still just promote music, but why not showcase the entirety of your creations? Music and video go together, so visibility on a streaming platform is key.

2 Affordability

Sadly, the adage is true, most great performers were once (or still are), “struggling artists.” If you are already fortunate to have money for promotion and marketing, getting your music and videos out into the mainstream is much easier. That situation is not the norm for most aspiring musicians.

That is why a great streaming platform can level the playing field. For the first time ever, all artists can promote and showcase their music and videos in a way that doesn’t make them the other adage – a starving artist.

If you could have video music distribution at your fingertips, and pay less than $100 a year to host unlimited music and videos, wouldn’t you jump on it? Considering most streaming platforms will charge that as a minimum for just one upload, perhaps you would.

3 Keep Your Money

If you pay an affordable fee to distribute your music videos, it is only fair that you should keep any monies paid to download or share your music. However, not all streaming platforms work the same way.

Depending on third party distribution and regulations, each situation where a customer streams your music or video can incur a different fee or payout. It would be much simpler to go with a streaming platform that allows you to keep 100% of your earnings – period.

When your music and videos are distributed on heavily used sites, you should never have to worry about retaining your royalties. Afterall, it is your art.

4 Perks

As you will soon discover in your search for the best ways to distribute music and videos on streaming platforms, it is the little things that matter. As important as it is to market and get your music out there to the audience, (and make money), you want to always put your best work forward.

The best streaming platforms will allow you to upload quality, high-definition videos. In addition to the user getting the best quality video, they will also give you the absolute best sound definition.

Customization is also a huge perk when it comes to displaying your music and videos. By giving the host the ability to use distinct thumbnails assures that customers are always getting a glimpse of what the artist has to offer.

5 Vevo

Finally, the best music video distribution platforms are going to get you VIP access. By having your music video included in Vevo (music video network), it is like an all-inclusive pass.

Vevo customers get officially watermarked on YouTube and allows music videos to reach the universally recognized platforms like Roku, Samsung & LG Smart TVs, and Comcast.

The more your music video is seen and heard, the more customers will pay to stream it. Even if it just involves seeing your video thumbnail on every music platform, eventually they will get curious and check out your videos.

Getting your music videos’ “foot” in the door is crucial for their success, and access to Vevo will help you get there.

Final Thoughts

It is understandable that any professional artist would want the best streaming platform for their music and video distribution. There are a lot of options out there and several of them are quite good.

However, getting the best visibility, keeping promotional costs low, keeping what you earn, and the perks (like Vevo), is what will set you apart from the rest.

Consider exactly what you are getting when you distribute your music and videos for all the world to see. Always be mindful to highlight your work in its best light, and to the most people as possible. Now you can.

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