Best Destinations for Winter Sun

Escaping the dark and dreary winter months is something many of us in the UK dream about. Getting some winter sun is a great thing to do for many reasons. Firstly, it’s great for your health and wellbeing, giving you more of that much-needed Vitamin D. Taking a break is fantastic for your mental health too because you give yourself time to rest, recover and experience new things.

If you’re struggling to decide where to go, we’ve crafted a list of places that are well worth considering below.

Destinations for Winter Sun

Types of winter break

You have just as many options to consider for a winter holiday as you do in summer, as long as you have the budget. Finding the ideal type of holiday for you will ensure you come back relaxed and reinvigorated.

A typical beach holiday will see you sipping drinks under the sun, with the occasional dip in the ocean to cool off. Alternatively, a city break is a chance to immerse yourself in different cultures and explore fabulous architecture, food and landmarks.

Experience something a little more unique with a P&O Cruise adventure. Stay aboard the vessel and enjoy the entertainment, activities, amenities and dining available, with excursions onshore if you wish. You can see the world from a very different perspective by sea.

Destinations to consider

    • Bali, Indonesia – Widely recognised for its sandy beaches, stunning temples and rainforest haven, Bali is one of the shining lights of Indonesia and South East Asia. With an average temperature of 27°C in December, it’s a sensational place to get some winter sun.


    • Dubai, UAE – Although it doesn’t have spectacular scenery, Dubai certainly makes up for it with its warm, dry climate all year round and the luxury lifestyle it offers guests. It rarely goes below 20°C over winter, with many days being considerably warmer than that.


    • Mexico – Central America should be on any list of getaways for some winter sun. Mexico offers many brilliant holiday spots from the glistening white sands of Cancun on its Caribbean coastline to resort cities like Los Cabos on its Pacific coastline. Mexico City is an option inland if you’re after authentic culture rather than coast.


    • Gran Canaria, Spain – A bit closer to home, the Canary Islands have been a favourite holiday destination for Brits for a long time. Off the northwest coast of Africa, its climate is fairly consistent throughout the year, dropping to the high teens over our winter.


    • The Caribbean – Pristine beaches, crystal clear water, rum bars, beach clubs and good vibes all day long – probably sounds like heaven to some. The Caribbean is an extraordinary location for a winter break, with plenty of islands to choose from. Travel back in time with a trip to Cuba, or soak up the sun and reggae music in Jamaica.

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