Everything You Need to Know About 7″x7″ HD Lace Closures

One of the most popular types of wigs sold today is Lace Closures. Among the more popular kinds of lace closures available, the HD Lace Closure is one of the most realistic and hard-to-detect ones sold.

In this article, we will discuss why HD Lace Closures are so popular and realistic. Along the way, we will also learn the most popular and versatile sizes they are sold in.

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What makes the HD lace closure better?

HD is one of those acronyms that has become just another word among movie enthusiasts. HD, of course, refers to high definition. With today’s technology, the world of HD has expanded to include wigs. This is exciting because, as we all know, HD is better.

The 7×7 lace closures create a realistic hairline that allows you to wear your wig with no fear that anyone will know. Most people will have no idea you are wearing an HD lace closure.

What closures are available in today’s wig market?

The first difference in closures is real human hair or artificial hair. With each type, you have some pros and some cons. Cons with artificial hair closures:

    1. No heated styling tools can be used with artificial hair closures.
    2. It’s not as realistic as the alternative real human hair closures.
    3. Limited choice of hair products to use on artificial wigs.

Pros of artificial hair closures:

    1. Usually costs less upfront.

With real human hair closures, you have these pros:

    1. You can use heated styling tools on most real hair hd closures.
    2. Because it is made using real human hair, there is no fear of wearing an obvious or cheap-looking wig.
    3. With real human hair HD hair closures, you can use your regular shampoos, conditioners, and normal styling products.

Closures come in different sizes. Each size has its uses, and some sizes are more limited than others

The standard size of HD hair closures is 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6. A special hair closure comes in 7×7, available from a limited number of dealers. The main difference between each size is the actual size. The measurements tell us how large an area the closure will cover.

With the smaller sizes, the HD lace closure has less hair because it has less lace to cover. With the smallest sizes, you are very limited in how you part and style the HD lace closure. As you can imagine, if you want an up-down do style, you need enough hair to pull it off.

The larger the size, the more ways you can choose to part in the HD lace closure. Only the amazing 7×7 offers the greatest styling freedom. With an HD lace 7×7 natural hair closure, you can part in the middle, on the right, or even on the left side. It is even possible to do a split part!

This is something that smaller sizes, with their limited amount of hair, cannot do.

HD Lace, Lace, and Silk hair closures: is there much difference?

These are the bases sold with hair closures more often than any other. Each one is made from either lace or silk. Here are a few notes on each:

Silk real hair closures:

Hair closures made with a silk base are available in a wide range of colors. This is to help them match the color of your existing scalp. Despite this, it is hard to get an exact match for your scalp color. Many people have to dye the base to get a more realistic match. Despite this, it seldom ends up being an exact match to your scalp.

The silk base is stronger than the lace closure alternatives. However, this strength comes with an increased thickness. It can look bulky and is difficult to lay flat on your head. This, of course, gives away the fact that you are wearing a wig.

Standard lace hair closures:

With all lace closures, you have greater breathability than you do with silk. The sheer lace is not solid like lace, so air and liquids more easily pass through the lace bases. The increased airflow will keep your scalp healthier.

Wearing a lace closure versus a silk closure can cause fewer irritations or headaches. Both HD lace closures and lace closures help prevent shampoo and styling residue buildup. With a silk base, styling and shampoo products can pool with nowhere to go, causing an oily odor and reducing the life expectancy of the hair closure.

7×7 HD Lace real hair closures offer a greater realism than either the silk or lace closures do. With the increased size, you have a more realistic hairline. This, in turn, increases the possible hairstyles you can wear as long as you select the 7×7 size.

More details and benefits of the amazing 7×7 HD Lace Human Hair Closures

The 7×7 HD Lace Closure offers a hairline that is long enough to pass for normal hair growth. It is the hairline that gives most wigs away. With the smaller sizes in HD lace closure wigs, you simply lack the size needed to replicate a natural hairline with visible hair growth.

The air passes through the HD lace, allowing the scalp to cool and protecting your natural hair. The lightweight allows for all-day wear without discomfort, making the 7×7 HD lace closure one of the most comfortable wigs to wear.

The 7×7 HD Lace Closure offers enough size to style in numerous fashions. Where the small closures offer a limited number to choose from. Up Down Hair Dos, parts in the middle, split or on either side are possible.

How to find quality 7×7 HD Lace Closures locally and online

With the advent of international sellers posing as Americans, it can be hard to find a local reputable dealer. With wigs, knowing what you are getting without seeing it in person is hard. The colors change in daylight, indoors, etc.; no website can convey how a 7×7 HD Lace Closure will look on you in person.

I prefer to visit a showroom like Private Label’s. Their website is good, but I like the in-person option.

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